Managing Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

Many young women today are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries and Pre Menstrual Syndrome Problem. Their biggest battle is obesity and difficulty to lose weight. They have to work much harder than others to lose even 2-3 kgs. Most of them give up but we believe that even this battle can and must be fought.

In the case of polycystic ovaries we find that there is usually a hormonal imbalance and sometimes the period is irregular. This condition by itself cannot make a person fat but these conditions cause excessive fluid retention in the body. In a normal woman we see that during the middle of the cycle 12th-17th day and also close to the date of the period 25-30th day there is a tendency to retain water and we see a Ĺ-1kg gain in weight, which comes down after those days.

In the case of a hormonal imbalance one may see a 2 or 3kg weight gain from fluid retention. If the period is delayed this retention remains for a long duration of many days or even weeks.

The fluid collects all over the body from head to toes and fingers as well. When it collects in the head it results in severe headache, migrane, depression and making people short tempered and wanting to cry. Many women quit jobs and even break marriages at this time. Sometimes you even lose co-ordination and tend to break things easily. Face is swollen, eyes puffy, abdomen distended and the lower back aches, legs and feet feel like lead, fat and heavy. Sometimes severe constipation and acidity occurs at these times. Worst of all you eat the same food and do the same exercise but gain weight. Why, because all your movements are slowed down and sluggish as you have suddenly got a 2-3kg bag of water strapped on to your body.

Worse still if some food cravings are also stimulated. Some people specifically want to eat fried, salty snacks at these times. Some want very spicy food and some want lots of sweets and chocolates. Hunger levels in most cases are high during these periods as the signals to the body are that tissue and blood loss is happening and body has to make new tissue and blood so give more food or calories.

I know many careful eaters who lose control at this specific time and put on a kg or two every cycle. If you knock off that during the rest of the month itís fine but if you donít by the end of the year you may be 10kgs up.

It is important to understand and know your body and how it is functioning.

  1. Donít get depressed and anxious about weight gain and end up eating more out of frustration.

  2. Donít give in to cravings but control yourself and know that they will pass.

  3. Drink plenty of water-The only natural way to pump out fluid retained in the body is to drink and pump in more.

  4. Eat more fresh salads like cucumber, tomato, cabbage, carrot, onion, and fresh fruits like orange, musambi, apples, pears and guavas. They give you vitamins and minerals which will make you feel fresh and also help in relieving your constipation and fluid retention.

  5. Avoiding all rice and rice items for these few days can make a huge difference as rice has a tendency to retain water.

Resist the urge to sleep and not move much. Stick to your regular exercise schedules. Regular walking is the best medicine. It not only helps to lose weight but helps to regulate the hormones and keep a better balance and improves your circulation and mood. Walking helps to stimulate the production of hormones called endorphins which give you a positive mood. Also when you exercise and start sweating the water retention reduces and you feel much lighter and better. Even if you feel as if someone has to drag you through your walk-go for it. Finally explore your creativity.

Research has proved that this can be a very creative and productive time- Engage yourself more seriously in your hobbies and talents-come out with something new and drive away the blues.

So here is the formula Walk daily, drink 10-12glasses of water and say No to fatty food and cravings. Donít give in. We have to fight, overcome this and win our right to being Fit and Beautiful.

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