The Right Mind Set


Before you deal with a weight reduction diet, you have to have the right attitude towards the whole thing. Firstly there is no short cut. There is no magic machine, powder or pill, which will make you thin over night. Neither does crash diets, fasting, skipping meals or starvation at health farms work. People believe that the more they pay towards a weight loss package, the faster and better will be the results.

There is only one way to weight reduction or fat removal from your body. Eat normal healthy balanced food and cut out all fatty foods. Please remember this weight reduction is a severe treatment for a short term, three months to lose 10kg. During those three months, you cannot eat fatty foods at all. Tell yourself, I have eaten it for 32 years, now I don't eat it for three months nothing will happen to me. It's similar to breaking your leg. There is only one treatment for a fractured leg. You have to immobilize it. You have to put it in a plaster cast and you cannot dance at all for six to eight weeks. You have a party at home, every body is having a ball dancing the night away. You love to dance but this time you have to sit out and watch them, You feel terrible but know that in a few months time you will be fine and back on the floor - provided you make sure you don't try any dancing at all till your leg has completely healed.

The next problem is the common cry, " I don't have will power." I believe that intelligence may vary from person to person but all of us have been blessed with will power, determination and achiever instinct, only it must be applied now in this area of diet control. Ninety five percent of those who come to me for diet control saying they have no will power are champion athletes, brilliant in studies and at work, excellent house keepers or perfect wives and mothers. What you have to do is take that will power that enabled you to rise to those heights and use it to follow a strict balanced diet.

Actually I believe that it's not so much of a will power battle but a right and regular eating battle. If you were driving your car to my house, you would check your petrol gauge to see if you have enough fuel to reach my home. If you saw the needle dipping towards empty you would say, " look for petrol pump." At that point you will not say let me go back towards my house where I get good reliable fuel but you would fill up petrol from any pump, anywhere. This same thing happens with our food. There is a chemical in the brain called seretonin, which checks whether there is enough fuel or energy in your blood. When the energy level drops, seretonin sends a message to the body to look for food. Then you wont say let me look for fruit or salad but you will eat anything and everything available whether it is fatty or not. The big secret is to eat your meals right and make sure you have a regular snack of fruit or a glass of milk between meals to keep you from getting low energy and reaching for the wrong foods.

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