The Miracle Menu

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Start your day with 2 glasses of warm water. Just like you wake up and wash your face, you are washing out your digestive system too. It does wonders for a good complexion.
Half - one cup milk or coffee/ tea can follow the water. Then comes breakfast at 8- 9 am, this can be 1- 1 and a half-cup cereal (avoid raisins and nuts) with 1-cup skimmed milk (1-2 tsp sugar permitted if you are not diabetic) or 2-3 slices whole wheat bread with tomato/cucumber slices and an egg (if high cholesterol use 2 egg whites only).
Omlette made on non-stick pan is permitted.1-2 stuffed roti's using vegetables like methi, mooli, gobi, with half to 1-cup curd or dhal. Or 3-4 Idlis or 2-3 dosas (on a nonstick pan) with sambar, no coconut chutney to be eaten. Green chutney with channa dhal is permitted. Or 2-3 slice whole wheat bread or 2-3 phulkas with half-cup sabji/pallya plus 1 glass skimmed milk (1 Cup or 1 glass = 225ml). I advise that 1 C skimmed milk/curd be taken with breakfast daily. It can be in the form of coffee or tea also.

Please avoid upma, sevia and poha while on a very strict diet. Ragi porridge, or oats porridge with, 1-cup milk or curds is also a good idea. Ragi dosa is better than rice dosa as it contains more fiber, vitamins and minerals. Don't add your fruit to breakfast but carry it out with you to eat as a snack at 11am. Skimmed buttermilk, coffee or tea is also permitted at 11am. But don't miss your fruit. It gives you a quick spurt of energy and vitamins that will revive you and carry you safely through to lunch. Please avoid fruit juices at breakfast or other wise as it has more calories and no fiber as compared to eating one orange or apple whole as a fruit. Only eating fruits for breakfast is wrong.

Lunch at 1-2 pm should be a properly balanced meal. Just a sandwich or only a soup and toast for lunch is wrong. This will make you hungry in a couple of hours and by 6 pm you will be eating all the wrong snacks you can find. Lunch should be 2-3 phulkas or 1-cup rice or1-2 phulkas, with half-1 cup rice. Plus, half to 1 cup dhal, half to 1-cup vegetable sabji/pallya and a big bowl of salad and skimmed curd. Non-veg, 1-2 pieces of chicken or fish without gravy may be eaten along with the above. If unsatisfied with these quantities don't increase the rice, dhal, sabji etc. but take additional salad and curd till your stomach is full. Curd must be made of skimmed milk. Strictly avoid commercially available curd as they have a high fat content.

At 4 pm Tea/Coffee and 1-2 marie biscuits /crackers. At 6 or 7 pm when you get home eat a fruit first. It gives energy in 20 minutes and will take care of your hunger pangs faster than any other food. If you are still hungry add a glass of skimmed milk as cold coffee or a milk shake. Even a cup of skimmed curd may be had as a lassi.

At 8-9 pm have your dinner of 2-3 small phulkas (dry chapati) with 1 cup of dhal or pulses like channa, rajma, moong. If this causes gas. Use only half-cup dhal and add a cup of skimmed curd or 2 egg whites, to fill you up. Avoid eating a cooked vegetable sabji or pallya at dinner and eat a huge bowl of salad (raita) with the roti and dhal. The roti and salad have a lot of fiber, which will raise your metabolic rate and help you to lose weight fast.

Please avoid non-veg at night as it gets stored as fat when you sleep. Also avoid rice, noodles, pasta, idli, upma, dosa, at night, as they are refined cereal and fattening. Only drinking a soup, or just a salad or one glass milk, for dinner is wrong. All meals must be eaten and must be properly balanced. Try to ensure that dinner is eaten at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. Don't forget the MIRACLE FORMULA - WALK 20-30 minutes and WATER 2-3 liters must go with this DIET.

Reshmi in this picture is a 19year old college student who has followed this formula for six months and lost 25kgs. It has changed her entire life and made her a new confident and pretty person. It was worth those six months of hard work.

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