Diet Principles

I am 30kgs overweight I have been seeing so many adds in the papers of different weight reduction centers. I hear they use various machines and gadgets on the body and some of them prescribe powders or pills. Are these the only solutions? They claim you don’t have to diet or exercise. Is this true? I am so confused and I can’t afford their rates. Can you please help me?

Reenu - Before   Reenu - After

I have good news for you. You can lose 30kgs without any machine, pill or powder but you have to learn to eat healthily, walk daily, and drink plenty of water (2-3 ltrs). I would like to share with you the personal experience of Reenu (name changed) who has followed this formula for 10 months and lost 30kgs, averaging 3 kgs a month. She started at 108 kgs and is now78kgs. She is a 21-year-old college student who has done diet counselling with us and has been very committed and consistent in following all the rules and coming regularly for a weekly weight check for the last 10 months. Reenu says she feels like a new person.

So what did Reenu eat? There are 3 important principles we need to understand and practice for weight reduction. Strictly avoid eating Fatty Food. If you want to pull out fat from your body you can’t be putting fatty food into your body. You cannot touch chips, and fries, snacks and sweets, nuts, pastries and pies, cookies and cakes, no mayonnaise, butter, ghee, cheese, paneer and rich red meats. Also you have to use only skimmed milk.

Hey, but all the yummy stuff is in this list. How can we live without all this? Here’s the nice part, its not forever, it’s only for a short period of time. One month to lose 3 kgs. About 3 months to lose 10 and 10 months to lose 30kgs. I myself have lost 25 kgs in a year. What’s 3 months or 6 months or even a year in your lifetime if you can be fit and beautiful at the end of it. Just think you have an allergy to these foods for a short period of time. Another good way to correlate this is to think of the treatment for a broken leg. If you fracture your leg there is only one single treatment, i.e. you have to put it in a plaster cast. Terrible, difficult, most inconvenient treatment but if I want to walk again, I simply have to do it and bear it. Only nice part is, it’s not a lifetime treatment but a short-term treatment – 6-8 weeks. We have to immobilize the leg, similarly, we have to immobilize fatty food from going into our mouths for 90 days.

Here is a help line – During these months I know it wont be easy, your mouth will water, your eyes may water, but tell yourself, “I have eaten all these goodies for 21 years, nothing will happen to me if I don’t eat any of them for three months or even for a year. When you finish your weight reduction you go into a maintenance level where you are permitted to eat your goodies again but with caution. You need to follow a budget system and limit your self to 2 treats per week. E.g. you may eat an ice-cream after lunch on Wednesday and go out for biriyani on Saturday. If somebody offers you a chocolate on Sunday you have to say “no,” but you may eat the chocolate on Thursday and again go out for Chinese on next Saturday. The secret is never go on a fatty food eating binge from morning to evening and don’t even eat your 2 treats on the same day. If you have eaten your ice-cream and suddenly someone calls you out for dinner that night, you have to be very strict and eat no fatty food. If you have had your biriyani today and are called out tomorrow, you have to be strict tomorrow. It is 2 treats per week with a gap of 2 or 3 days around each treat. This is the art of maintaining weight. (Avoid overeating fatty foods and then skipping meals to compensate and maintain weight. Every time you skip a meal you are lowering your metabolic rate and in the long run you will gain weight).

The second principle is that you follow a balanced and healthy eating plan, starting now and going on forever so that it becomes a way of life. In this plan you never skip a meal, you eat 3 balanced meals, which are divided as 40% breakfast and 11am fruit, 40% lunch plus tea and 20% dinner. Every meal must have a balance of carbohydrate and protein foods and there has to be 2 fruits daily, 2 salads & 2 servings dhal/pulses (1 at lunch and 1 at dinner) and 2-3 glasses milk/curd daily.

Thirdly, one needs to eat plenty of fiber that comes as whole cereals, atta bread, phulkas (dry roti) corn or wheat flakes, bajra or jowar roti, ragi roti or ragi ball, raw salads and fresh whole fruits (please avoid juices as they lose the fiber). The fiber helps to make your body work harder every time it has to be digested. Therefore you spend more calories or burn stored fat even as you digest your food, internal exercise is happening.

1.Avoid fatty food

2.Practice healthy eating

3.Eat Plenty of Fiber

To these 3 principles you need to add Walk and Water. Reenu did 20 min walk morning plus 20 min walk evening, daily. You may try a 30-45 min walks once daily or do as she did twice, 20+20. Top up all the above with 2 and a half – 3 liters water which keeps you fresh, more active and alert and cleans out all the waste products of fat break down. Walk, Water, Diet is the miracle formula for a new you!!!

(For details about the diet please refer to Miracle Menu)

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