Change Your Life - “ Losing weight not only changes your size but also your life”

Pankaj - Before   Pankaj - After

NINTEEN year old Pankaj Chathlani, a student of St. Joseph’s, would polish off as many as five or six ham sandwiches at one go. His college mates would haunt him mercilessly with comments, which like pointed arrows would pierce the armour of his sensibility. He used to possess a waddling, duck-footed walk that was a source of embarrassment. All the attractive girls on the campus would ignore him. Pankaj developed a severe complex about being obese. Visits to various gyms were useless.

Then Pankaj’s father Bhagu Chathlani, owner of Little Shoppee’ and Looking Good’ on Commercial Street, accompanied him to us, who were recommended by their relatives. He joined his son on a methodical diet regime. The result of this experiment is that both father and he shed flab. Pankaj, originally 122kgs, now weighs 91 kgs. In four months, he had lost 31kgs. Bhagu’s weight also slid from 91kgs to 84kgs in 2 and a half months, a loss of 7kilos.

Pankaj recalls. “I have always loved food and over-eaten on any occasion. Earlier, I used to just eat, eat and eat. There never used to be a precise meal-time. I would eat a lot of junk food, oily and fatty stuff-jamoons, pedas, samosas and other sweets.” He states, “From lisa, I learnt the right way of eating quantities of the right food at the right time. She advised me to have three meals, two snacks, a 20-minute walk and 3 liters
of water in a day.

On waking up Pankaj would drink two glasses of warm water. On his own, he desisted from imbibing a morning cup of tea. For breakfast, he would restrict himself to three idlis soaked in sambar. Chutneys were strictly avoided. At eleven, Pankaj would indulge in a fruity snack, apples or oranges. For lunch he would start with a glass of water followed by dry chapattis, a bowl of rice, one vegetable dish and a pulse. The meal culminated with a cup of curds and salad. In the long interval between lunch and dinner, he would sip melon juice or orange juice with an optional cup of tea. For dinner, he would again eat oil-free rotis, a bowl of pulse/dhal and cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. Bhagu followed a similar diet.

Pankaj runs 2 shops, one on Dickenson Road and one on Commercial Street. His daily exercise consisted of long walks, four or five times a day, between these 2 shops (or a 20 minute walk per day). A big challenge was to resist buying peanuts from the carts along the way. Losing weight has invigorated Pankaj, filled him with a new sense of confidence and joy. He states, “Losing weight not only changes your size but also your life. I am much more active than what I was earlier- in the shop and at home.” His former feeling of insecurity and inferiority complex have evaporated.

For the three months of dieting, both Pankaj and Bhagu turned vegetarian. Now tempered with caution, Pankaj has reverted to non-vegetarian food. He admits, “I party twice a week. If I put on a kilo or two, I get back to the diet for a week. Then I am back to normal. I check my weight once a week. I would like to thank my dad and mom who stood by me.”

(This programme was done in 2000 and the weight loss has been maintained till now)

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