Nutrients - 6 Essentials


All foods contain nutrients. We eat food to give us energy as well as to obtain these nutrients, which perform various important functions in our body. Most often, when people go on a diet, they overlook this fact and feel that no matter what they eat, as long as they get some energy that is enough. Therefore, we have people who go on diets consisting only of fruits, vegetables, juices, soups, idlis, etc. This is dangerous for the body as there are many nutrients which are essential every day and deficiency of these results in hair fall, bone and teeth damage, poor blood functioning (anemia), muscular weakness, sagging and wrinkling of skin and an overall deterioration of health and fitness.

A ‘Nutrient’ is a substance obtained from food.
There are six classes of nutrients
 Water Makes up 60% of the body.
 Minerals Important for teeth, bones and blood.
 Vitamins Important for many vital processes of the body.
 Carbohydrates Energizer - Keeps your body vigorous and  active.
 Proteins Body builder - building blocks of the body,  important for growth, maintenance and repair.

 Reserve Fuel - Provides energy but excess of it  gets converted to body fat.


Providing a proper balanced supply of these nutrients ensures the smooth and efficient running of my body. Providing water, oil and petrol ensures the smooth and efficient running of my car. Water, minerals and vitamins do not give us any energy but play crucial roles in the efficient functioning of my body. If I don’t oil the hinges of my door it will still open and shut but it will creak. If oiled it functions smoothly. Minerals and vitamins are the oil in the machinery of my body. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats, all provide the petrol or fuel.


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