Preventing Cancer

My mother died of cancer and my mother- in -law is now being treated for cancer. I have 3 children and would like to take all precautions to prevent them from suffering from cancer. Kindly tell me what changes I must make in our diet to prevent cancer?

All the latest research shows that modification in the diet and lifestyle can prevent or cut down the chances of our children suffering from this terrible disease. Here are some specific predisposing factors resulting in cancer formation in specific organs of the body.

Cancer site - Breast, colon and rectum, mouth and throat
Dietary Risk Factors-
1. Excessive intake of alcohol
2. Low intake of fiber in the form of vegetables and fruits
3. High - fat diets

Cancer site - Ovary, endometrium, prostate
Dietary Risk Factors-
1. Obesity
2. High fat diets
3. Low vegetable and fruit intake

Cancer site - Stomach and liver
Dietary Risk Factor-
1. Frequent consumption of smoked food like ham, pork etc.
2. Frequent consumption of barbecued meats and tandoori foods.
3. Use of reheated oils or oil heated to very high temperatures.
4. Low intake of vegetables and fruits.

Cancer site- Pancreas and lung
Dietary Risk Factor-
Low intake of vegetable and fruits.

Obesity must be kept at bay from childhood. There is a popular belief among parents that children are young and enjoy eating. Let them eat and be fat till they grow up then they can control their diet and lose weight.

This is very, very dangerous and harmful as you are paving the way for a large number of health problems. Please ensure that fatty foods are not eaten on a daily basis. Only twice a week is the ideal.

Secondly they must cultivate the habit of eating vegetables, fruits, whole cereals, dhals and pulses on a daily basis. Research has clearly shown that fiber in the diet prevents cancer formation. Also adequate amounts of the following nutrients are protective against cancer.

Vitamin B complex - milk, dhals, vegetables
Vitamin C - Fruits and fresh vegetables
Vitamin E - Pulses, vegetable oil and whole cereal
Protein - Skimmed milk/curd, dhal/ pulses, egg, chicken and fish

All these can be obtained if you follow these miracle diet principles daily

2 Fruits (11am & 6pm)
2 Salads (1 cup at lunch, 1-2 cups at dinner)
1 C Vegetable cooked (at lunch)
2 Servings Dhal/pulse (1 at lunch and 1 at dinner)
2-3 cups Milk/curd (throughout the day)
2-3 lts. Water (throughout the day)

Use only whole wheat bread and atta, ragi, jowar or bajra rotis for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep rice and rice items to a minimum. Rice may be eaten for lunch but strictly avoid it at dinner.

Water flushes out pollutants and toxic substances that cause cancer so please make a conscious effort to drink 2-3 liters daily. Children should have at least 2 liters. Those in sports must drink 3-4 liters. Five servings of vegetables and fruits altogether, in a day is a must to protect against cancer.

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