Dietary Guidelines for Executives to Stay Healthy Wealthy and Fit

Health is Wealth, today people are working 12-14 hours, earning twice or thrice may be 10 times what our parents earned but spending lakhs thereafter on medical treatment. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer which occurred in people between 50-60 years of age today is commonly seen in those of 30-40 years of age. Another major problem is infertility and again lakhs and lakhs are being spent on this. Indigestion and gastric problem due to hurry, worry and rich, fatty curry is a common occurrence. But the biggest trademark of the executives is the ever widening abdomen and heavy hips. Note- An inch more on the waistline is a year less on your lifeline.

We have seen that there is no short cut to weight control and good health. One has to make a serious commitment to making a lifestyle change and stick to it. We have found that the Miracle Formula for Fitness is a combination of the following: -

  • Walk-25-30 minutesí daily
  • Water-2.5-3 liters daily
  • Diet- 3-Healthy, balanced, regular meals daily and controlling fatty food intake.

Golden Rules

  1. Never skip breakfast. However, rushed you may be or however early you have to get out, you have to eat a proper balanced breakfast. It could be 2-3 slices of whole wheat bread with an egg or 2 egg whites. A glass of skimmed milk along with this is ideal. A vegetarian may use jam, veg sabji Ĺ cup or green chutney on the bread. Idli or dosa with sambar plus a glass of milk is also an option. Two small dry rotiís plus sabji Ĺ cup and a glass of milk may also be taken.

  2. We suggest that you carry a couple of fruits with you to work Ė apples, pears, oranges, guavas, etc. are ideal. Try to have one at 11 am or 12 noon so that you break the gap between breakfast and lunch. The second fruit may be eaten at 6 or 6.30pm so that you are not snacking on munchies before dinner.

  3. Lunch is the most important meal in the day. It must be eaten and must be properly balanced. 2-3 rotis or ĺ to 1 cup rice may be eaten accompanied by a dhal, plus a vegetable sabji and salad. Vegetarians may have Ĺ cup of curd and non-vegetarians may eat 1-2 pieces of non-veg, preferably chicken or fish at lunch time.

  4. Teatime is important. Even if you are not too hungry try to have a cup of tea/coffee/milk and if necessary 2 marie biscuits. This will ensure that you donít start snacking or binging (overeating) by 6pm. If you are still at office try to have a second fruit at 6pm. If you are home by 6pm be very sure to eat only a fruit as soon as you get home. Remember you are at the end of the day, tired and all your defences are down. 6pm is most peoples undoing. If even after the fruit you are still hungry go for a glass of skimmed milk or buttermilk. You must resist the desire to snack here. Even if you eat perfectly all through the day but eat some oily snack like a samosa or mixture, chaat, etc., at 6pm you will ruin everything. If you have to go out for dinner have a bowl of salad and curd or another fruit just before you leave. This will help you to resist all those oily starters, chips and nuts. Yes, they are delicious but too, too dangerous for your heart and health. Even at a party or executive dinner, ask for salad as a starter.

  5. Dinner must be the lightest meal in the day. However, it is dangerous to skip dinner or have only a soup, only a salad or only a glass of milk for dinner. It must be a properly balanced meal of roti, dhal and salad. Curd may be included if necessary.

  6. Avoiding non-veg. at night is seen to have the most significant effect in weight control. You may eat non-veg as often as you want at lunch but as far as possible avoid at night as it gets converted to fat and stored while you sleep. Similarly avoid sweets and desserts after dinner.

  7. Try to ensure that there is at least a 2-hour gap between dinner and bedtime.

To all the above donít forget to add a 25-30 min. walk, plus .52-3 liters water daily. This can keep most of todayís diseases at bay. It is your God given right to be healthy, wealthy and beautiful, donít give it away!!!

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