Eat Healthily to be Healthy Beautiful and Fit- You are What You Eat

To be healthy, beautiful and fit is everybodyís dream. The first step to achieve this is to believe in the principle that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Eat healthily and beautifully and you will be healthy and beautiful.

What is healthy eating?
Eating 3 regular, balanced meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily. It is important to make sure that each meal is a combination and balance of both carbohydrate and protein foods. Meals should include cereals like - whole wheat bread, rice, chapati, ragi ball, jowar, bajara, rotiís, oats, etc. The cereals must be combined with protein foods like - milk/curds, eggs, dhals and pulses Ė Channa, rajma, moong, etc. and non-veg. These are all good sources of protein. In addition to these fruits and vegetables, must be included daily.

Then we have added sugar, which is not taboo, 2-3 tsp of sugar, distributed throughout the day is permitted if one is not diabetic.

Finally, we come to fats and oils. The whole secret of fitness and weight control rests on this - how much oil is consumed daily. The normal requirement is 2-3 tsps. oil per person, distributed throughout the day in the oil used for cooking.

Now we come to the point of how much fatty foods are eaten in a day. On maintenance of weight, one may indulge on richer food (fatty food) once or twice a week. But the biggest problem we have today is that fat rich foods are consumed on a daily basis in our homes. The reason is we can afford it and it is faster and easier to cook with more oil or we want to buy food from restaurants, as women are tired from work and donít want to cook. Restaurant food is oily and tastier to eat. Before long children get addicted to it and it is a way of life.

Those who want to lose weight, please note that there is only one treatment for weight loss. When you break a leg there is only one treatment, you put it in cast and immobilize it for 8 weeks. If you want to remove excess fat from your body,, you have to immobilize fatty food from entering your mouth for 12-13 weeks or 90 days. (Fatty foods are Ė cream of milk, ghee,butter, all fried food, nuts, coconut chutney, oil seeds, cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates, mitai, icecream, red meats and mayonnaise).If you avoid these above mention foods, you could lose up to 10kgs in 90days. Then on maintenance of your weight loss you are permitted to eat from this fatty food list once a week.

Another major reason for an overweight and unhealthy body is a change in life style. Our ancestors walked at least for 20-30 minutes daily to the market or even, to visit a friend. Transportation had not developed and could not be afforded. Also, children spent much time at school on the playground and playing on the streets thereafter. Today we donít walk anywhere, it is into and out of cars, autos, buses and sitting at tuitions or in front of the T.V and computer after school or work. This is one of the major causes of obesity as well as other disease like B.P, heart disease, diabetes, etc. which are seen at young ages like late 20ís and 30ís

Everybody from 5yrs upwards must ensure that a regular exercise pattern is fixed in your daily routine. Today a 25-30 min walk must be taught and practiced as regularly as teeth brushing and bathing.

Finally, do resolve to drink plenty of water 2.5-3 liters/day. Here again as one does minimum walking one does not feel thirsty. Also, there are too many fizzy drinks and packed juices stocked in stores and our refrigerators and children definitely prefer these to water. Each bottle, 300ml equals 7 tsp of sugar, which will make you fat, spoil your skin and ruin your teeth. So please choose plain, clean water which will keep you fresh and beautiful.

Hereís our Miracle Formula for a Fit and Beautiful You.

Walking - 25-30 min all 7days/week
Water Ė 2.5-3 liter's/day
Diet - Very strictly avoid Fatty food to lose weight
       - Careful to eat fatty food only once a week to maintain weight.
       - Eat 3 regular balanced meals daily and eat plenty of whole cereals, pulses, salads           and fruits to give you more FIBER.

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