Fitness and Health Rules for Kids

We have talked much about how we adults can live a healthier life but we must also help the next generation, our children, to develop healthy habits so that they have a better future. When should this start from birth but practically from age 5 upwards? Miracle Fitness formula Walk, Water, Diet.

Walk: Yes, even your 5 year old must be encouraged to go out and be walking & playing in a park for 25-30 min. daily. I have seen that with both parents working, this may be over looked and toddlers may be left to sit in front of the T.V or computer all evening and all day long on weekends. At least one parent must take out time to formally take the child out to play daily. You may have to personally supervise this and go along up till the child is 12-13years of age, other wise it will not happen consistently. Lack of regular physical activity is the leading cause for obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer in the world today. This may not show up now but if they donít start being healthy early in life they will face these problems in their early 30ís & 40ís.

Water: Due to highly reduced physical activity today, people are drinking much less water and children prefer to drink all the commercially advertised, fizzy drinks, juices, shakes etc. Please note, nothing can substitute the plain water need of your body. 5-8 years of age need at least 1Ĺ liters, 8-12 years - 2 liters and 12 and above 2Ĺ liters plain water daily. Water keeps you alert, fresh and clean. Less water makes you slow and sluggish and your mouth and body will smell offensive. Research shows that when the body is fully hydrated the brain works more efficiently with mathematical calculations. We all want children to be good at maths. Pollutants entering the body through air and food can cause cancer. They must be flushed out daily with plenty of water. All children age 5 up must take a liter of water to school daily and be encouraged to bring the bottle back empty.

Diet: Parents must set good examples of healthy eating to children. The biggest rule is to never skip meals and specially never skip breakfast. If the children leave home very early they can have a big glass of milk and then must carry their proper breakfast for 10am snack time. A balanced lunch must be eaten at school and not at 4pm at home. 4pm is teatime and then a properly balanced dinner must follow. The second big rule is to encourage all kids to eat fresh fruits and vegetables (salad) daily. Raw fruits and vegetable are the richest source of vitamins and minerals and also fiber. It is absolutely a must for building resistance to infection and also for the smooth running of all the systems.

Finally Control Fatty food intake. The secret here is not to forbid it but to budget it. Nobody, young or old can get away with eating fatty food daily. Chocolates, chips, pastry, ice-cream, pizza, burger are delicious and exciting for kids. But parents must supervise the buying and eating of these and ensure that it is strictly limited to once or twice a week. Never more. E.g. If you open a box of chocolate today, let everybody have one, put it away and open it again next week. If its mittai, let every one have one round and give the rest away to the helpers kids. Call for pizza or burger only once a week.

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