Keeping our Mind and Body Fresh and Active with WATER

Winter is over and the temperature is rising rapidly. Our lips and mouth have started to feel dry and parched and definitely everybody is more thirsty. Juices and colas are easily available and along with the thirst one also feels more tired so a juice or can of cola is very tempting. But please note though juices are refreshing they also bring 4-5 teaspoons of natural fruit sugar into the body and therefore definitely increase your calorie intake.

Colas contain the regular sugar plus several additives and colors which can be harmful to the body if consumed on a daily basis. Also the sugar content is 7 teaspoons sugar in every 300ml of a cola or other aerated drink. Usually after you drink an aerated drink you tend to still feel thirsty because the sugar concentration in your blood suddenly rises and you need plain water to dilute this.

In the old days it was recommended that 8 glasses water was a must daily. Recent research has said 8-10 glasses or 2-2and a half liters is the minimum. I believe that this should be 2-2 and half liters plain water. When we count coffee, tea, juices, buttermilk, I feel it is incorrect because there is a certain proportion of plain water required by the body to maintain the dilution of the blood, motility of the digestive tract and flushing of the kidneys. When you add sugar, milk, salt, squash, juice, etc. to the water it becomes concentrated and is not available to actually dilute the blood and body fluids.

Besides this, I have been prescribing diets and water intake to hundreds of people over the last 8 years and personally observed that 2 and half liters plain water is a general requirement for adults and 2 liters for children. Also this quantity and up to 3 liters has helped many and relieved them of constipation, acidity and acne problems. Only if there is some kidney problem and the doctor has specifically restricted water intake then for that person less may be required.

Water is almost medicinal to good health

  1. 60% of the human body is made up of water. From this reservoir, water is daily removed as perspiration, urine, saliva and enzymes. This has to be replaced every day. If you don't water a plant daily it droops. If the required water is not drunk we will droop. One of the leading causes of fatigue is poor water intake. How does the plant look 30 minutes after a watering? Fresh and standing up straight. You choose between being fresh or being fatigued.

  2. Recent research shows that a person's mental capacity to work with figures and numbers is much higher when the body is fully hydrated. We are all making calculations throughout the day. Why should our brains function at a lower level.

  3. When a person does not drink enough water we find that the saliva and perspiration gets very concentrated and gives off an offensive odour. We all want to be pleasant and pleasing to those around us so please drink plenty of water.

  4. Water can be protective against cancer. We have seen that cancer can be caused by some of the pollutants that are coming into our bodies via the air we breath and also as pesticides, fertilizers, etc. sprayed on the foods. These can attack a weak organ or tissue in our body and cause cancer cell formation. We cannot stop breathing or eating all these foods but we can drink plenty of water, which will flush out all these toxic substances.

  5. Finally if anybody is on a weight loss programme, then when breaking fat in the body, waste products called ketone bodies are formed and they have to be removed. Therefore we recommend 3 liters water during weight reduction.

2 and half to 3 liters plain water is ideal. Sports people may require up to 4 liters. Beyond that may be taxing to the kidney. With summer setting in make it a point to drink water correctly and keep your body and mind fresh and active.

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