5 Great Ws to make you Healthy, Wealthy, Wise & Happy

  1. Worship
  2. Weight
  3. Walk
  4. Wake up early
  5. Water plenty

WORSHIP: Worship God our Creator. None of us can come into the world without our parents. Similarly none of use can exist without our Creator. God is our creator who gave us life on this earth and takes care of us day and night, all through our life. Worship means to acknowledge that we have a creator and commune with Him by praising Him for His love for us and care He bestows on us always. Worship is also thanking Him for all that He has done for us and provided for us everyday.

When we praise and thank God daily and understand that everything that is happening in our lives is done and allowed by God for our good, then this relieves us of all the tensions and stress that causes so many diseases, distress and dissensions, around us.

WEIGHT: Our body is a gift from God and we have the responsibility to take care of it. When we overeat or under eat we will put on weight or lose weight and damage our bodies. Overweight or underweight is the first outward sign that something is a miss in our body. In our big cities, one of the great problems we are facing is obesity. The first thing that we must understand is that there is no condition like fat and fit or fat and healthy. Excess body weight is very harmful to the heart and lungs as well as to the spine, hip, knee and ankle joints.

Also, it is a myth that it is alright to be fat if you are a young child and later on the puppy fat will go away when you grow up. This is not true. The fat cells that are formed in childhood can never be removed from your body. They can only be shrunk or reduced in size but they will always remain with you. So, watch your weight from a young age. All family members must co-operate and avoid indulging in too much rich fatty foods like deep fried snacks, sweets, chocolates, rich bakery items and red meats. Also, care must be taken to see that these items are not eaten on a daily basis. Weight must be checked on a regular basis. Once a week if there is a weight problem.

WALK: 30 years ago there was much less transportation facilities and people had to walk or cycle to get from one place to another. Secondly people lived in big bungalows which had to be cleaned and maintained, so more physical activity took place. Thirdly children spent time playing on the streets and roadside all evening and many more people spent time in physical sports for recreation and entertainment. Now children are either in tuitions or in front of a T.V or computer or busy with their mobile phones instead of being physically active. This decrease in physical activity and walking is one of the major causes of obesity and obesity related diseases.

It is an absolute must to make sure that all individuals, age 5 upwards must take out at least 25 minutes from a 24 hours day to play or go for a walk daily. Please note physical activity is necessary for your body all 7 days, just as we need to eat food all 7 days. You may not need to do a heavy gym workout or aerobics session, 7 days a week but we all need to walk all 7 days of the week.

WAKE UP EARLY: The human body was created by God to work and play and rest. We are meant to rest when the sun goes down and wake up when the sun rises. So early to bed and early to rise certainly still is the secret of being healthy, wealthy and wise.

Unfortunately, today most of the young people have thrown this principle out of the window and they are paying a terrific price for this. Most of them have ended up with serious hormone problems like problems of the thyroid gland and also problems of the reproductive systems and also their metabolism (BMR) Basal Metabolic Rate drops low leading to weight gain and then weight related diseases like B.P, diabetics, high cholesterol levels, etc. Those in their twenties are most affected. The ideal bedtime would be between 8.30 to 10.30 pm and we should be out of bed any time between 5 -7 am.

WATER PLENTY: Last but not the least is the need to drink plenty of water to keep your body fresh, hydrated and healthy. Water is even more important to our bodies than food. But with people walking less, less physical activities and air conditioners everywhere, people have reduced their water intake drastically. We need to drink at least 2-2.5 liters water daily. Many young people are drinking only 2-3 glasses daily. This can lead to unhealthy skin, constipation and even kidney problems.

So, as we step into the New Year let us make it our New Year resolution to address all these 5 Ws and change our lives and families to be Healthy, Wealthy, Wise & Happy in 2021.

Wishing all our readers A Blessed and Wonderful New Year.

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