Artificial Sweeteners and Diet Drinks can cause Damage to your Body

Many young people, even teenagers are now using sweeteners instead of sugar on a daily basis. Besides this is the regular consumption of diet fizzy drinks in large amounts. One more popular practice is the use of sugar free chewing gum, chocolates, ice-creams, jams, etc. Some do this thinking it will help to reduce weight, some do it just out of peer pressure. Unfortunately, today many nutritionists and weight loss centres recommend this.

Artificial sweeteners are scientifically proved to have many harmful side effects. Firstly, some of the compounds used to produce these substances are also used to prepare various drugs used in the medical field. So, it is like popping those medicines daily in various amounts. Imagine the impact on your body if used for months or years. Secondly many of the compounds have been found to stimulate the formation of cancer tumours in the body in certain organs. Thirdly some chemicals used in these substitutes have been proved to cause damage to the kidney. Lastly these substitutes can hinder the absorption and utilization of calcium in the body which could result in serious damage to the skeletal system.

Parents must advise all children and youth to completely avoid using these substitutes. Overweight and obesity are not treated by giving up sugar in the diet or by using sugar substitutes. The chief principle to fight obesity is to fight the fat. From a young age children should be regular with a daily, sport, game or walking for at least 30 minutes. If they want to remove excess kilograms of fat, it cannot be done by just giving up a few teaspoons of sugar in their daily diet. They need to give up things that are laden or soaked with oil, butter, ghee or cream, like deep fried snacks, all chocolates, cakes, cookies, ice creams and desserts, nuts and red meat. Not to mention pizzas, burgers, French fries and fried chicken.

Sugar is necessary for the body and 3-4 teaspoons a day in milk, coffee, tea or curd and even some jam on toast is permissible during a strict weight loss programme. Similarly, you do not need to drink a diet drink when you go out but can substitute a regular fizzy drink which is equal to 150caloris or 7 teaspoon sugars with a fresh lime soda to which 2 spoons regular sugar has been added. If you are diagnosed with diabetes at a young age you need to make a decision about using sugar substitutes as you have to give up regular sugar. You could train yourself to drink milk and beverages without the substitutes daily and use it occasionally as it does have proven side effects and can seriously damage your body over a period of time.

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