Moderate in Exercise is an Important Factor in Healthy Weight Loss

Many young people today are exercising very heavily in order to lose weight or stay trim. However they are not so successful and end up depressed and too exhausted to carry on their day to day activities and work.

The explanation is, you are exercising for 2-3hrs. out of your 15hour day but the question is how you are spending the remaining 12hrs. Many are so exhausted that they spend the rest of the day resting, lying down and reading or watching T.V, or sit at a desk or computer for hours thereafter. If you are too tired to be active for the remaining12 hrs., and need to nap for 1-2 hrs., then your 2-3hrs. of heavy workout is only going to defeat your ultimate purpose of weight loss. As a teenager I used to do this, swim 1800 mts daily, cycle for 1-2hrs. or jog for 45minutes daily but I never lost weight successfully. I would be too tired most of the time and sometimes when I was too tired even end up over eating and that would make it even worse.

If you want to speed up your weight loss or to tone your body more efficiently you may exercise in 2 sessions a day.30-45min. walk in the morning and 25-30min. walk in the evening. Even 30min.morning and 30 min evening can do wonders. This must be done for 7 days of the week so you must have done 14 walks in a week. If you are already doing 45min. to 1hr. walk or 1hr. aerobics, in the morning do not cut this down but add a 25-30min. walk in the evening. The evening walk must be done before dinner not after dinner. So it's not a night walk, it's an evening walk.

Another interesting variation is to mix a jog with your walk. You walk, for 3min. and jog for 1min, then walk, jog, walk, jog and so on. Latest research shows that this alternated speed of movement where you intersperse your steady exercise level with spurts of more intensive exercise is the most efficient way to burn fat. Those using treadmill must ensure that there is no incline and the treadmill completely flat. Any incline can cause injuries to your ankle,knee or back.

I must however mention that exercise alone is not the answer for weight loss. However efficiently you exercise you have to combine it with 1. A very strict avoidance of fatty food.A). All Fried food and all Nuts B). Butter, Ghee, Cream, etc.

Chocolate, Ice cream, Cookies, Cakes, Desserts, Sweets, etc. 2. You need to eat all three meals balancing both carbohydrate and protein foods. 3. You need to eat plenty of fiber in the form of whole cereals, fruits and salads. If you follow this strictly for 3 months you could lose 8 to 10 kilos of weight.

Last but not the least, drink 2.5 to 3 ltrs. of water daily. The miracle formula for fitness is walk, water, and diet, together.

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