Managing the tendency for Hormone Problems like Thyroid with Diet and Exercise

In the last one year we have discovered that many people who suffer from weight problems have family history of gland disorders like diabetes, thyroid problem and imbalance in reproductive hormones.

The most undetected is the thyroid problem as we have seen that many may show a normal blood report but could be still carrying thyroid problem in their genes.

Here are some tips that may help us to know if we are prone to this

  1. The first sign is excessive weight gain after puberty. If one is 5-10kgs over weight it may be due to a sudden drop in activity or more time spent at studies or work or if one has an injury and cannot exercise, etc. But if a 15 year old is 70-80 kgs or more in weight, parents must not take this causally and must consult a physician or endocrinologist.

  2. The second sign is if you are regular with following a diet and exercise regimen and you find that the weight is not coming down steadily then there could be a hormone problem in the background.

  3. Some specific symptoms indicative of a thyroid problem are excessive fatigue, sleepiness, forgetfulness, depression, scanty hair, premature balding, premature greying, proness to dental problems, frequent fractures, ligament tears and low haemoglobin levels and high cholesterol levels. Besides this swelling of face, feet and hands due to water retention, dry skin, irregular period cycles and constipation may also be seen.

The two biggest treatments for any hormone problem is to lose weight and walk daily, all 7 days per week, 365days per year. The only time you may miss a walk should be if you are having a fever or diahorea.

The bad news is that it is so much harder to lose weight when there is a hormone problem. However, you must know that even a 5kg drop can help the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) level to come down from 3.5 uIU/ml to 2.5uIU/ml. This intern can make you feel more active and energetic and automatically you will start losing more weight faster. If your blood test shows TSH as 3.5uIU/ml, your doctor will not ask you to take any medication but your weight loss and walking can help you to improve the TSH levels.

If you are already walking for 30- 45minutes daily and seeing no results, then please try to walk 30 minutes in the morning and also 30minutes in the evening. If you are already going to a gym or aerobics class in the morning, then add a 30 minutesí walk in the evening or vice versa. Morning exercise is a must for people with thyroid problems so that we can raise the metabolism at the beginning of the day.

Those with any hormone problem should never try any fad diets like only soups, salads, high protein diets, etc. as you will further lower your metabolism which is already low and cause many imbalances of calcium, iron and protein. You simply have to eat 3 carbohydrates, protein balanced meals, eat plenty of fiber in the form of fresh fruits and salads and very strictly avoid rich fat foods and red meats. Rice and rice items tend to cause a lot of water retention in people with hormone problems. So following a whole wheat diet with oats, ragi and cornflakes for variety is advisable. Avoid idli, dosa, at breakfast and stick to whole wheat bread, oats, cereals or stuffed roti made with methi or mooli. Avoid aloo (potato) as this also causes water retention. Try to eat rotis for both lunch and dinner. If at all you eat rice it must only be a small portion for lunch. Strictly avoid rice at dinner.

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