Look Trim and Fit with Tighten Tummy

One of the biggest questions in the world, one of the biggest searches and research topics is to find an answer or method to remove fat from one particular spot in the body. In the world about 10% of people are gifted with perfectly proportioned bodies. The remaining 90% tend to have a slight or large excess of fat deposited in any one area of the body. Most people have excess fat on the abdomen.

Please understand that there is no natural means of spot reduction of fat in any part of the body. Doing exercise for a specific spot, abdomen or thighs, or massaging only that spot or applying pressure or any gadget there, cannot make the fat disappear from only that spot. When you lose weight remember that you lose weight uniformly from head to toe. However here is some good news, wherever there is more fat deposited you will lose more from that spot.

Fat is mobilized or made to breakdown only with weight reduction. All the latest exercises like crunches, abdominal exercises, etc. however are not a total waste. They are only meant to tighten the muscles in that area. As the muscles tighten and become firm you may make a difference in measurement by one inch but not more. Only when the kilograms of fat lying under the skin in that spot are removed will you see any greater difference.

One of the most common areas for large depositions of fat is in the abdomen. When you lose weight you will certainly see the inches on the waistline going down. The danger is that the wall of the abdomen should not sag and look ugly. We recommend a simple exercise, which I find the most effective and that is Tighten Tummy. Every now and then straighten your shoulders and back and pull in or tighten the muscles of your tummy. Please do not hold your breath but only contract the muscles and hold it like that for 30 seconds to a minute. You will look a centimeter taller and your tummy will appear a kilogram lesser in weight.

This exercise must be done several times in a day whenever you can remember. At least 20 to 30 times a day is beneficial. It can be done when sitting in your office chair, standing in the kitchen, when walking or talking, any time, anywhere. If you are attempting any kind of weight loss make sure you start this exercise along with it. If you lose 3 kgs at least one kg may be removed from the abdomen area. We do not want the wall of the tummy to sag down but as the fat is being removed the wall must be regularly tightened so that a firm flat appearance will be achieved.

Your abs and crunches, toe touching, sit ups, etc. are also useful but they are done only for 5-10 minutes in the morning or evening and the remaining 15 hours the muscle is relaxed. This exercise can be done throughout the day, through every hour and therefore far more effective. Wearing a belt will not do this contraction for you the belt is tight but the muscle is not. The muscle has to be contracted and tightened by you.

Liposuction is another method by which fat is surgically removed from a particular area. It is an expensive method and a surgery, so I would not recommend it at all. Also if you have not learnt to control your eating and change your lifestyle, if you ever put on weight after the surgery the fat will again get deposited in those places again.

Reduce intake of fatty foods, eat regular balanced meals, eat plenty of fiber in whole cereals, fruits and vegetables, drink 2 and a half -3 liters of water, walk at least 25-30 minutes per day and tighten tummy to be healthy and look fit and smart.

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