Guidelines for a Healthy Menu Plan for Working People

As both husband and wife rush out to work and even many young people are adjusting to late hours in the evening, late dinner and then again rushing to work by 9am., balanced meals or menu planning has become the last or least priority.

Everything will go fine for some months, may be even for a year or two and then you will see your body, mind and personality cracking up. We believe that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Food is needed to nourish your body and give you basic energy to work. You also need energy and a proper balance of nutrients to sustain your body and in turn this helps you to think and use your brain and all your God given talents and abilities efficiently. Finally, if you are properly nourished and properly proportioned in body, you are emotionally calm and happy and a enjoyable person to be with.

In todayís competitive world people are looking for short cuts and cover ups and think they can buy everything with money. It does not work with your body. If you neglect something as basic as balanced meals and food, the price you pay later is very big and some damages are irreparable.

So how can we work on a balanced menu for a busy person? The first step is to make a commitment to look after your body and feed yourself with 3 balanced meals

1. Never skip a meal.

2. The second is to ensure that every meal is a combination of carbohydrate and protein foods. Carbohydrate foods are breads, roti, rice, cereals, oats, etc. Protein foods are dhals and pulses, milk, curd, egg, egg white, fish, poultry, etc.

A meal should never be only fruits, only soup, only boiled vegetables or even only egg or fried chicken, etc.

3. Keep fatty food intake to a minimum. Cut down on fried snacks and sweets and make sure that a meal is never a packet of chips, a samosa, a puff or a slice of cake.

4. Eat plenty of fruits and fresh salad daily to boost your vitamin and mineral intake. They will keep you energetic and put a bounce into your walk and glow on your face.

5. Last but not the least, drink 21/2-3 liters of water throughout the day. If you donít drink enough water you get dehydrated, you will look and feel like a withering or drooping plant. You lose concentration power and focus.

Menu plan

Breakfast 2 slice whole wheat bread
plus jam/egg /slices of tomato/ cucumber
plus a glass of skimmed milk.
Cornflakes (cereal)with skimmed milk.
Idli/dosa, plus sambar, plus a glass of milk.

11am - Fruit

Rice plus sambar plus vegetables plus curd and salad
Dry chapatti plus pulses plus vegetables plus curd and salad
Dry chapatti, chicken or fish or egg plus vegetables plus salad.

4.30 - Tea/coffee plus marie biscuit or whole wheat bread

Dinner - Roti plus dhal or pulses plus curd and salad.

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