Watching your Weight, Taking a Walk and Drinking Plenty of Water are the Best Tools for Controlling Stress

With the present financial condition in the world, young and old alike are stressed, tense and tired. As soon as a human being faces a crisis in their life the first thing is to mentally come to terms with the situation and then to adjust one’s life, life style or family life to the changes. The last thing one does is to run to a laboratory to get a blood test done and see if everything is normal.

It is also common that a normally health conscious person gradually becomes less health conscious. If you were a person who checked your weight once a week or once a month now you may not stand on the scale for 2-3 months or even for a year.

While you deal with your stress or problems mentally you must know that there will be various changes going on in your body physically. The first place that is hit in your body is your endocrine system or gland system. The two main problem areas are changes in your blood sugar levels and the second is changes in your thyroid gland system.

It is these two systems that then affect your heart, kidneys and reproductive hormones. Besides this some people show signs like premature greying, balding, changes in eye power, dental problems and neck, spine and hip or joint problems.
In most situations we cannot control or change the stress situation we have to deal with but we can surely take care of our bodies while our mind deals with the situation.

  1. The most important thing is to check your weight every week and see to it that you do not allow your weight to increase at this time and if overweight try to reduce weight so that the hormones are controlled and kept under check.

  2. Most people use food or alcohol for comfort and to reduce stress. Be aware of this and if you are such a person already then make a conscious effort to change this. Tell yourself this time I want to grow up and be mature and handle my problem without abusing my body with excess food or the wrong foods or excess alcohol.

  3. Last but not the least is the best tonics in this world, walk and water. Everybody from age 5-75 must develop the habit of at least 25-30 minutes regular cardio exercise 6-7 days a week. Walking, jogging, swimming or any outdoor game is a must for all age groups these days. Walking is the best stress reliever and it also helps to regulate the glands and hormone functions in the body.

Research also shows that it stimulates the production of positive hormones called endorphins which help to lift up your mood and reduce depression. Finally, it burns calories which will support your weight control or weight reduction drive.

Water 2-3 liters a day keeps your body well hydrated, fresh and research shows that when your body is well hydrated the brain capacity to concentrate and make calculations is much higher. Therefore, you will be able to handle situations and make decisions at a much better level.

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