The Miracle Diet Way is the Healthy Way to Weight Loss

In life people believe that there are many ways to reach a certain destination or to solve a certain problem. However we see that in most situations there may be many ways or many solutions but only one single right way or right solution.

After battling with a weight problem for the last 45 odd years today we see that there is only one right way to healthy weight loss. For about 25years, age 10-35 I had tried so many ways and lost and gained weight many times but also suffered many harmful side effects. In the last 20 years however I have followed this Miracle Formula and have counseled over 6000 people and have seen my life and health transformed along with that of many others too.

Today we want to share with you the Miracle story of Gowtham K., who has lost 38-39kgs and has kept it off for over a year. He is now 26years old. He did it at the age of 24 and has kept the weight off and is very healthy, handsome and happy for the last one year. He started at 106kgs and is now 67-68kgs at a height of 172cms. His body mass index was 35.83 and is now 22.65. He walks 30 minutes 7days a week and drinks 3 liters water daily. When he did the weight loss he was staying as a paying guest in Bombay and studying. His lunch and dinner used to be eaten in small restaurants or was from a tiffin service.

The diet principles are as follows:-

Walk -30 minutes all 7 days
Water-3liters All 7 days
Diet -1. Very low fat Diet
        2. Three meals must be eaten daily and all 3 meals must be carbohydrate and               protein balanced.
        3. Eat plenty of fiber, avoid rice and rice items and try to eat whole wheat roti, bread, and cereals like oats, cornflakes, jowar, bajra or ragi. Eat fruits daily one at 11am and one at 6pm. Eat plenty of salad, raw vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, onions, carrots, radish, lettuce, cabbage, capsicum, etc., Have 1 cup raw vegetables at lunch and 1-2 cups raw vegetables with dinner.

During the period of weight loss we should completely avoid all Fatty Foods.

  • All Butter, ghee, cream, cheese and paneer.
  • All Pastries, puffs, pizzas, chocolates, icecream, desert, Indian sweets, etc.
  • All Fried snacks, pickles, papad, chaat, etc.
  • All Red meat, fried chicken, burgers, etc.
  • All Nuts and Oil seeds, Flaxseed, etc.

Only oil that is used for cooking and seasoning food is permitted in a minimum quantity of 2-3tsp per person, per day.
Gowtham’s Diet was as follows –

  • Breakfast- Whole wheat bread 3-4 slice + Vegetables/ Jam + Skimmed milk 250ml
  • 11am- Fruit 1no.
  • Lunch - Roti 3+ Dhal 1 cup+ Sabji 1cup+ Salad 1cup
  • 4Pm -Skimmed milk 250ml
  • 6pm-Fruit 1 no.
  • Dinner- Roti 3+ Dhal 1 Cup+Salad 2 cups.

Please Note. Quantities would be different from individual to individual depending on your age, lifestyle and gender. He lost about 35kgs in one year. (Girls or women should eat a lesser quantity).

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