Eat Healthy to be Strong and Beautiful during your College Days

Most college students rush out in the morning without breakfast. By 9- 10 am they start feeling weak and giddy and during the mid-morning break they indulge in an aerated drink, coffee, packet of chips, etc. Lunch is a vada or samosa and then they come home and eat a huge meal at 4-5 pm. This spoils their appetite at dinner, which ends up as a snack, glass of milk, fruits, etc. This is certainly not the diet you should be following at the peak age of your studies. You need food not only to nourish your body but also to keep your mind healthy and active.

Besides this the above diet will result in hair loss because you are not getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals during the day from properly balanced meals. You may also develop pimples due to too much oil from the chips and snacks. These are some constant complaints that college goers are crying about.

If you saw a man trying to start and run his car without petrol you would think he is crazy. If you try to run your body without any breakfast it is harmful. We are eating dinner at 8 or 9 pm and our body is in a fasting state for 9-10 hour after that. We simply have to get up and eat and fuel our body and brain for it to function in the morning. You will be hungry and weak and unable to concentrate so please make sure you eat. Even in a rush you can quickly eat a bowl of cornflakes with milk or bread with egg or even 2 slices of bread with a glass of milk. All these are ready to eat so there should be no excuse. If time permits idli, dosa, or chapati and a glass of milk are good alternatives. Ragi or oats porridge with milk or buttermilk are also quick and easy to consume.

Please carry a fruit like an apple or guava to munch at break time and avoid Pepsi and chips. Pepsi is 7 tsp sugar in 300 ml and is very bad for your weight and teeth. One Chip contains 8 drops of oil and 10 chips 110 cals. that are very bad for your weight and responsible for the pimples on your face.

However difficult it may be, lunch must be carried from home. Chapati with dhal or pulses (chole, sprouts sabji or rajma) and a vegetable sabji like beans, ladies finger, cauliflower, etc. are a must. Rice, sambar and vegetable also may be carried. Non-veg too can be eaten at lunch along with the above mentioned. One more alternative is to carry 2 chapathis - one rolled with vegetable and one chapathi rolled with egg, non-veg or some panner. Only a chapathi with sabji won’t do as the protein is lacking. Just a snack or sandwich is not advisable at all. Lunch has to be a proper balanced meal and is to be eaten at 12 or 1 pm, not at 4pm. If eating lunch from a canteen, please try to choose the above food and keep the carbohydrate, protein and vegetable balance.

4 pm is teatime and that is the time you may eat a snack/ sandwich/biscuits along with a glass of milk in any form. Milk is a must with breakfast and also at tea time. Please note at your age, 2-3 glasses of milk is absolutely essential for your bones, teeth and hair.

Girls have the responsibility that they will become mothers. If the calcium and protein intake in your diet during your college days is poor then this can affect you when you become pregnant.

Have a fruit at 6 pm and please do not skip dinner or just have a soup, salad or glass of milk. Dinner must be a balanced meal like roti, dal, sabji, and curd. A big bowl of salad is a must at dinner to keep you fresh and healthy and give you a good complexion.

Last but not the least you need 2-3 liters of water daily. Take 2 glasses before you leave the house. Carry 1 liter of water to drink through the day at college. When you get back home try to finish another one to one and a half liters before bedtime. Plenty of water, fruits and salad is the secret to a glowing complexion.

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