Make Wise Food choices to keep you Cool

We are all trying to beat the heat and keep cool. Thin cotton clothes, A.C and fans full blast but believe me these are all external and superficial. We need to start from deep down inside. What are we eating and drinking. They can make all the difference.

Milk, curds and buttermilk – they top the list. Of course we must ensure that the milk is thoroughly skimmed or use ready to use skimmed milk (even curd to be made from skimmed milk). Milk is one of the most wholesome foods we can consume. It is 85% water so in itself it will cool the system. Then it is composed of both carbohydrate as well as protein besides plenty of vitamins and minerals. The carbohydrate in milk is a simple sugar called lactose with is quickly digested and gives energy in 45 minutes so even without adding extra sugar, if consumed it will make you feel a boost of energy coming in, in 45 minutes. (lactose is a disaccharide).

The milk also gives us protein – which is body building material. Good for skin, hair and muscle building and also is very, very important for keeping us full. Protein takes 3-4 hours to be digested so if you have a buttermilk at 10 or 11 am you will feel fresh and also not feel week and hungry up to lunch time. Similarly a cool glass of milk or a milk shake at 5 or 6 pm will keep you going till dinner. 200ml of milk/curd gives 6- 7gm protein.

Finally milk is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins. It is one of the richest sources of calcium and also contains Vit A, B complex, D and E. So throw away all your myths about milk this summer and treat your body to plenty of skimmed milk/curd and buttermilk instead of ice creams and pastries (500-750ml skimmed milk/curd per day).

The next must do for summer is lots of fresh fruits- Water melon, musk melon, oranges, musambi, apples, pomegranate, pineapple, etc. helps to pump minerals and vitamins into the body. As we sweat a lot with the heat we lose minerals and they must be replaced. Of all foods the richest source of minerals and vitamins are fruits as they are the least processed before eating.

Are juices good? – I would rather you eat a fruit and drink the water. As you make the juice, vitamins and fiber are lost and also the calories are much higher. When you eat an orange it is 40-50 cals. When you make an orange juice you squeeze 3-4 oranges so it can be anything from 100-150 cals. Even without added sugar. Packet juices are all 100 -120 cals. per 200ml.

Fruits are also the only natural foods on earth that give instant energy. They contain naturally both glucose and fructose which are monosaccharides. This means one single step of digestion and energy is pumping into the body. Even if you put a spoon of sugar or a toffee into your mouth, energy will come only after 45 minutes. Summer is a time when you feel fatigued very easily. Fruit is the best snack option. Also try to do fruity desserts instead of rich creamy ones. Make fruit intake compulsory, one at 11 am and one at 6 pm daily, will keep your energy levels up and keep you cool and fresh as they contain lots of water within them too. The fiber helps to relieve you of constipation which is common in summer.

Lastly, fresh salads are invaluable. Again don’t do veg juices and soups but eat plenty of salad. Try to have salad both with lunch and dinner. They help to cut down your total food intake and this helps to keep you full but light and fresh as they are an important source of water, minerals, vitamins and fiber. Fiber helps to keep your metabolic rate up and relieve constipation.

Summer Formula:-
2 Fruits
2 Salads and
2-3 glasses of Skimmed Milk/Curd daily.

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