Important information about Avocado and Olives

Avocado and Olives are two fruits that are considered as very nutritious as they are both rich in many vitamins and minerals. Avocado is also commonly called Butter Fruit.

One unique characteristic of both these fruits is that both of them have a high percentage of fat. Avocados contain about 23% fat and olives about 10% fat. Most other fruits have a fat percent of 0.1-0.5. 100gm olives equals 115cal and 100gm avocado equals 215 cals. In both these fruits the type of fat present is largely monounsaturated fat.

So many people recommend these two fruits as good for people with high cholesterol levels and as protective to the heart. Also both these fruits have a high content of Vitamin C and Vitamin E which have an antioxidant effect in the body and are therefore considered as protective against certain type of cancers. Namely colon cancer.

They are also rich in Vitamin A and avocado is very rich in Vitamins of the B group and therefore they are considered as healthy for the skin. Both these fruits are commonly used in salads and have their own unique flavors which some people consider as a delicacy and some people dislike.

However we would like to advice you that if you are on a weight reduction diet or if you are over weight to start with they must be avoided. They are too high in their fat content and the first priority for good health is to be normal weight for height or to reduce your weight to the ideal weight.

Also olives have a high sodium content so all those with heart disease and high blood pressure must avoid olives. Many people feel that the healthiest oil to use for cooking is olive oil. It is healthy because it is not a saturated fat but it is not the healthiest option.

The healthiest cooking oil is an oil that contains equal proportion of both poly and mono unsaturated fatty acids. Otherwise cook some items with olive oil others with sunflower/safflower oil which are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. So those who want to enjoy olives and avocado may do so occasionally provided they are slim and trim. Those who are battling the bulge please avoid till your battle with the bulge is over!

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