Snacks that can Ruin your Weight Loss

Most people today are well read and well versed with the dos and doníts of weight reduction and weight loss. Many are successful at disciplining their life style, getting into a regular exercise regimen, drinking water and controlling their food intake. However, very few are successful at losing weight or keeping it off permanently.

The big mistake most people are making is what they are snacking on. Many start their day snacking. Bed coffee, tea or hot milk is an age old custom but many start snacking right here by eating 4-5 biscuits or pieces of rusk or a handful of nuts. The ideal is to break the habit of eating something with your tea. If you must eat something, make sure that itís just one light biscuit or cracker or one slice of whole wheat bread/ toast. Rich cookies or many pieces of rusk are a definite ďNoĒ. Nuts are high in fat and should be strictly avoided by those who want to lose weight.

Many skip breakfast and eat snacks like a puff, pastry, samosa or vada and chutney at their 10 or 11am break from classes or work. This is completely wrong and harmful as breakfast items are meant to be high in carbohydrates and protein to boost you up for the day. These snacks are high in fat and can ruin your weight loss for the whole day.

At 10 or 11am the ideal thing is to have is a fruit like an apple or orange. You may also have a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of buttermilk. Here again biscuits and cookies are best avoided as the gap between breakfast and lunch is a short duration of 4-5 hours. If you eat biscuits at 11am, they take 2 hours to digest and these calories will therefore get added to your lunch. A fruit on the other hand gets digested in 20 minutes and the milk and sugar in your coffee, tea, buttermilk will get digested in 45 minutes.

Tea time, 4-5 pm is where you may enjoy yours tea with a couple of Marie biscuits, crackers or digestive biscuits. However if you are on a strict diet you must be very careful not to indulge in cookies or cream biscuits. Also if you are very hungry at this time donít indulge in 4-5 or more biscuits as the calories will then be too much. Instead try to eat one or two slices of whole wheat bread/toast plain or with a little jam, green chutney or salad slices instead of the biscuits.

The dangerous items are puffed rice, popcorn, chaat, etc. mainly because you cannot control the quantity and they contain a lot of starch and salt. Roasted channa, peas and peanuts also carry a lot of calories and salt. Half a cup, 100gm of roasted channa gives us 350 cals and peanuts 550cals. Baked snacks may be baked but please note that you cannot make crisp snacks without using a lot of fat in making the dough or pastry. Also many snacks are prepared from soya flour which contains loads of fat in itself and this is dangerous even if it is baked.

The final nightmare is at night when you party after a long day. The drinks and starters go on forever and you keep indulging in the snacks and starters with delicious dips which are all loaded with oil, butter, cream or mayonnaise.

If you are on a very strict diet you may have a fresh lime soda, juice, or one or two drinks but you sure canít snack or eat starters. The only munching you can do is on some salad without a dressing or dip. Another good tip is to eat your dinner at home and go out and have your juice or drink and salad at the party. A whole day of dieting and a great exercise routine can be completely negated if you snack even once a day on the wrong snacks. Last but not the least is your time at the movies where you may have a coffee, tea, juice or iced tea but a bag of popcorn, nachos or a cup of corn again can be the undoing of all your dieting. Many also believe that chaat, bhelpuri or pani puri are light snacks. All puris and sev are deep fried and are very high in calories and fat. So beware of snacking.

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