Improving your Stamina and keeping Lean

I have been playing golf at a professional level and I am also a cricketer. I often feel my stamina level is low and I also have a tendency to put on fat. How do I keep my stamina up but also cut down my body fat and keep lean?
There are 5 factors that can be a reason for low stamina levels

Skipping of meals, improperly balanced meals and insufficient intake of fruits, vegetables and dhals can result in low Iron intake and this in turn results in poor haemoglobin levels in the blood. Haemoglobin is the oxygen carrier of the blood. If Hb count is low then oxygen supply to the whole body is low and then you will feel easily tired and fatigued. You feel you just can't cope! Any sports person touching the ball regularly must also get dewormed regularly (once in 4-6 months). Worms from the soil easily enter your body and will feed on your blood causing low Hb and anaemia.

Insufficient water: A Sports person needs anything between 3-4 liters of water daily. If you don't consume it you are like a plant that it is not watered regularly, drooping and withering! You will feel tired and all your muscle movements from blinking of your eye lid, even to mental calculations will be tried and slow.

Sleep. Care must be taken to get sufficient sleep and rest before and during event days. This helps to rest the muscles and also help glycogen to be stored well.

Over weight: If you are 2-3 kgs over weight. It is like strapping a 2-3 kg bag on to your back and playing. You will definitely be slower in all your movements and also you will get tired easily.

Muscle Glycogen: One of the biggest deciding factors about a person's sports performance has been found to be his muscles glycogen storage level. Glucose from food, mainly carbohydrate foods - bread, rice, chapatti, fruits, vegetables and sugars are converted to glycogen and stored in the muscle. This is then used when swift short duration activity is performed like swinging your club or bat, bowling, fielding, etc. This gets depleted by the minute. So research shows that you need to concentrate on filling your body with mainly these foods for 3 days before events and specially at frequent intervals and in all meals during events and after events.

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