Should We Opt for Liposuction as a Solution to Weight Problems

Many women and some men are opting for liposuction to remove excess fat from the abdomen, buttocks, breasts or chest. It involves a surgery and fairly large amount of money, hospitalization and post-surgery recovery period. Is this the answer for the ever increasing weight and obesity problem? It surely seems like an overnight remedy and is often referred to as the “makeover”. The question is whether it is safe and how permanent is the result.

Firstly we have observed that sometimes there is a shock or trauma effect on the body and in some cases the individual has had a heart attack following the surgery and in some cases individuals have developed diabetes post-surgery.

Besides this we have observed that many put back the weight in the following one or two years and unfortunately in the exact same locations from where it has been removed. Research shows that the location of fat deposition in a person’s body is a genetically determined issue. If there is a family pattern of heavy arms or thighs or bulging abdomen then if the person increases weight it will be more significantly deposited in that same spot. So if you are prone to putting on weight on the abdomen and you surgically remove 5kgs fat from the abdomen but later gain 5kgs on your scale you can be sure that most of it will come back on your abdomen.

All people have to come to terms with one truth and that is if you have put on excess weight at my time in your life, even in a pregnancy, you have to understand that there has been some lack of discipline either in your food intake or exercise. Sometimes it may be due to an accident or illness where you have been laid up in bed or told not to work out and therefore you have gained weight. There is no short cut and even if you surgically cut off or suck out the fat remember that without a mental commitment to change your lifestyle, diet and exercise you cannot solve this problem.

Many will say I have tried to exercise and I have tried to diet but it is not working. This is not true because we have observed that if one does the diet and exercise very strictly day in, day out all 7 days a week along with plenty of water you will see results. The combination of walk, water and diet regularly, daily without a day off or weekend off, week after week can help you to reduce 2-3 kgs in a month. We have seen this working for all people, both men and women from ages 5-75. We have seen young people 20-25 years both boys and girls lose 20-30 kgs in 8-10 months. Women at 35 years lose post pregnancy weight of 25kgs and men at 75 lose 15kgs with this system.

It is possible but it must start in the mind first. The mind must be ready to work hard, go the right way and be committed to disciple. We are disciplined with our studies, work and money. Now we must also be disciplined with our food and bodies.

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