The Greatest Health Resolution is a Walking Resolution

From a health point of view what is the best New Year resolution we can make. As a diet counselor and a nutritionist, I would say the biggest and most important thing would be to make a commitment to WALK EVERYDAY in the year 2015.

Today we see an enormous breakdown in the health system all over the world and I believe that the biggest contributing factor to this is the great reduction in walking in our day-to-day lives. Even people in the low economic stratas can afford some form of transport and therefore walk less. Secondly houses are smaller, flats are very small, compound spaces donít exist and people donít walk over to markets or neighboursí homes. Even in offices people hardly move from their seats and working hours are much longer. So they are sitting longer. This problem starts very early in life today. Right from 5 year olds are sitting more. They spend 2-3 hrs daily in bus journeys to far away schools, then they are sitting in tuitions in the evenings, and later most time is spent at the computer or T.V instead of playing on the roadside.

I would say let us as families make a resolution to go out and walk and play more. I work 9.30 Ė 3.30 daily, but after work I make sure that I go out and walk for 45 minutes to an hour in a park nearby. My husband who is a doctor drops, the children at school at 8 am, walks around Sanky tank for 30 minutes and then drives to work at 9 am. Where there is a will there is a way!!

The great thing is that even if you canít make 45-minutes or an hour it does not matter, even 25-30 minutes can do wonders. The secret is the regularity. In 16 years we have counselled over 5000 people, aged 5-80, with not only obesity problems but even with weight gain problems, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, gastro- intestinal problems, etc. and in all cases, of all ages, we see that walking has the biggest influence in improving peopleís lives and health.

Walking is a basic necessity for the human body. All the glands, organs and systems are keyed into action when you walk and the Basal Metabolic Rate is kept high if a regular 25-30 minutes, continuous walk is done daily. In the old days this happened naturally everyday as people went to their work and fields or even to a market but today itís a rarity. Even busy housewives need a 25 minutes continuous walk. It may even be done in a big hall, terrace or compound, up and down, but it must be done daily. I walk in the park daily but if it rains I donít miss my walk but walk for 45 minutes in my living room and dining room with in the house.

The biggest problem I see is that people start off very enthusiastically and keep it going for 2-3 months. Then suddenly they say, Ďoh! I am travelling, shifting my house or doing some short term course, so I will give the walk a break for 10 daysí. They may start it again or may not for the next 3 months. Please note the BMR goes up when you have walked regularly for 2-3 months. One week of no walk and it drops very low. To get it up again you have to walk regularly for another 2-3 months. What a terrible waste and we see rapid weight gain and very harmful effects in lipid levels and blood sugar levels rising when you stop walking for even a week.

If pressed for time just do 25 minutes daily like you just brush your teeth & bath no matter how busy you are. Compromise on other things but never on your walk. I had a weight problem for 25 years and have won the battle in these last 15 years and the biggest secret of my success is regular Walking for at least 25-30 minutes daily. Even if you are slim, fit and healthy the secret of upholding & maintaining this is to walk daily!!!

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