Beware of Obesity in Teenagers and Young Adults

Obesity is prevalent in a family, so is balding, premature greying, etc. Is there a gene that transmits obesity, balding or greying. No, it has not been discovered so far. So why are these problems seen in certain families from generation to generation. The answer could be that these problems are linked to certain other organs or systems in the body and a malfunction in these is being genetically transmitted from generation to generation.

Obesity has been known to be linked with a malfunction of the thyroid gland and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). It also has a strong connection with diabetes and a malfunction of the insulin production in the body. Similarly premature greying i.e. greying beginning between 13-30 years of age, and a receding hair line beginning between 18-30 years of age has a strong link with a malfunction of the thyroid gland as this malfunction has the nature of depleting the iron and calcium stores in the body. Iron and calcium are very importance minerals required for strong and healthy hair.

It has been observed that if these conditions are left unchecked by parents, children post their 10th standard and 12th standard examinations are reaching a weight of 80-90 and even above 100kgs, both in the case of girls and boys. Today the parents are putting so much pressure on the children during this stage and most children are angry, depressed and rebellious. They give up all forms of exercise and sport for 1-2 years and use food as a comfort and relaxation.

Once they are obese the thyroid function and insulin metabolism will get further damaged leading to damage of the reproductive system in both boys and girls. Sometimes the damage is irreversible.

Please understand that parenting is not only about your child getting very high grades, becoming a professional and earning a great salary. The priorities must be kept - Health is wealth!!! The first requirement is to ensure that your child is healthy and also a person who is happy and in control of his/her life, body and behaviour. Children who are obese are usually moody and depressed inside and eat as if they are addicted to the food.

Many parents feel that during the one year of 10th standard and 12th standard they will only push their children to study and during that time it is not important to exercise as that will be a waste of time. They also allow them to eat anything they want. The observation is that the parents and children are unaware that the cholesterol levels are rising severely and the blood sugar and B.P levels also go up.

The children are the future. We have to help them and guide them to be healthy for the generations to come. Many marital problems today are due to youngsters having serious hormone and health problems. Also sexual relationships are strained or conception is hindered. Hormone problems also lead to miscarriages and deformities in the babies. Deformities of the eyes, hearing, speech, teeth and bones can be related to damage of thyroid and diabetic systems in the couple.

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