Give up Fatty Food Completely for a Short Period of Time

There is no short cut to losing fat from your body, whether it is 2-3 kgs or 20-30kgs the method and answer is the same. There are many ways, many machines, pills, powders weight loss centers, hospitals and they all can give you amazing results in amazing time spans but there is only one correct, healthy way to remove fat from your body. You simply have to stop eating Fatty Food. You have to say no to

  1. All Deep Fried Food
  2. All Nuts
  3. All Cookies, Cakes, Pastries, Puffs, etc.
  4. All Chocolates, Ice-creams, Sweets, Deserts, etc.
  5. Butter, Ghee, Cream, etc.

When you eat your day to day food and meals and exercise regularly you burn calories and fat stored in your body reduces. But by the evening or night if you indulge in any of the above fatty foods, you immediately redeposit fat that you reduced during the day.

Many people who have approached me for weight loss are sincerely working hard with their walks or gym workouts and eating healthy balanced meals. Then at 5pm or 6pm they snack on a bowl of nuts or even chaat or a puff or pastry. This cancels all their hard work. Those who don’t snack like this tend to indulge in a little sweet, chocolate or desert after their meals.

Another group are on some diet or fast all through the week and during the weekend or on Sunday they eat anything and everything that is tasty and fatty. Their argument is that since they have been good all day long and all through the week, one indulgence should not matter or since they have worked hard all week one day of enjoyment is due to them.

With these systems you may be able to maintain your weight very well but you will definitely not be able to lose weight and fat properly. There is simply no short cut. If you want to cut fat in your body you have to be able to cut out fatty food from your life. Yes, it means giving up everything that tastes good and the cry of man is, “what are we living for if we cannot enjoy good, tasty food.”

The good news is that you don’t have to give up the goodies forever. You have to understand that fat reduction is not a game or fun it is a serious treatment and no treatment is enjoyable. All treatments are painful and inconvenient but we must want to fight a problem and solve it or give up and stay in the problem or search for an easy way out.

To reduce fat there is no easy way but the good news is that it is not a life time treatment. You have to give up all the goodies for a short period of time, one month to lose 2-3kgs, three months to lose 8-10kgs and 10months or a year to lose 20-30kgs. The attitude or mind set must be “what is one month or 3months or 1 year to change my health, life and happiness.”

If you break your leg, there is only one treatment if you want to walk again. You have to put a plaster cast and be confined to house or home for 6-8 weeks. It is so inconvenient and your whole life and work has to come to a standstill. But what is 8 weeks to be able to walk again, similarly you have to put your mouth and stomach in a plaster cast against fatty food for a period of time to become healthy and happy again.


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