Say –“ No” to Shortcuts to Lose Weight

Obesity is the biggest nightmare for a health professional to handle. Most other health problems seem to have a treatment, medication, surgery, injection, etc. but obesity does not have a simple and quick solution like this.

The scientific world will continue its research for ever for solutions and man will wish and dream that an easy solution will be discovered soon. The attitude today is that people are willing to spend any account of money as long as the answer and method involves least effort from themselves.

To satisfy this of course there are many advertisements of effortless solutions aided by pills, powders and machines that promise to heat your body and melt the fat all over quickly. Belts and pads that can be strapped around your bulging tummy, thighs or arms and surgery which can suck out fat from certain areas and even surgeries that promise to reduce the size of your stomach or intestine. Pills are recommended that will prevent fat from being absorbed when your food is digested or pills that will help the body to burn stored fat. Powders are recommended to substitute one or two meals per day.

I would like to state that I have been studying and experimenting in this area of obesity for the last 40 years and have observed and learnt that there is no short cut and no aids that work except commitment in your mind and hard work with your body. Also there is no guarantee that any of the above mentioned methods are 100% safe and have no side effects. Thirdly for the last 14 years we have counselled over 5000 people and found that everybody can lose weight without any aids like powders, pills, gadgets or surgeries.

The simple miracle formula that works is a combination of walk, water and diet. The big problem that people have to overcome to be successful is to learn never to compare your body and the rate at which you lose weight with others. This is what discourages most people and makes them quit. The formula is the same for all from age 5-75 or more and both for male and female. However the amount of exercise, water and quantities of food vary from person to person depending on first age, sex, body composition, metabolism, hormones and genetic background. You have to discover what works for your body and also accept that you may lose weight varying from two to three kgs per month and in a difficult case you may lose only one kg per month. In accepting this and setting your mind to persist and persevere is your victory.

Our advice is

  1. Say no to shortcuts with pills, powders, gadgets, etc. They can have harmful side effects and after these aids are stopped weight may come back rapidly.

  2. Avoid places or people who offer weight loss programmes without requiring you to walk daily. Weight loss without exercise destroys muscles, body composition and metabolism.

  3. Beware of diet plans which recommend skipping meals or they consist of meals without carbohydrates. E.g. A meal of only paneer, only pulses, only chicken,etc. Also meals consisting of only a plate of fruits or only a soup or salad is completely wrong. These kinds of meals and diet plans can harm your kidneys, heart and intestines as well as your muscle tissue and skin can be seriously damaged.

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