Pump your Heart – Walk

Our heart is our life. Our heart decides whether we live younger and live healthy or not. So let us make A LIVE HEALTHY- LIVE YOUNGER -ACTION PLAN. What will that be?

Pump your Heart

To pump your heart means to make it beat at a higher rate or speed than normal, for a sustained period of time. The minimum time required is 20 minutes at a stretch to make a difference. Every normal person of normal weight and good health, without any health problem (B.P., diabetes, etc.) requires at least 3 sessions of 20- 30 minutes of this raised heart rate per week just to be normally healthy.

If we want to improve our health and fitness then we need to ensure that this raised heart rate activity of 20-30 minutes must happen on a daily basis. Those who are already over weight and have to burn extra fat and reduce their weight to normal have to exercise daily for at least 30-45 minutes to see the effect and get the result of fat reduction. The same would be necessary for those who already have high B.P. or heart disease or diabetes.

The simplest and easiest way to raise your heart rate is walking. It can be done safely and easily by all people , of all ages and anywhere, all over the world.

Find the time

Today one of the biggest excuses or complaints is –“ I don’t have the time”. Simply walking for 20 minutes is enough to make the biggest health difference to a person’s life. So being selfish when it comes to taking this time out for a walk is the best thing we can do for ourselves. We only need to realise that we will be in better shape to take care of ourselves in the future and take care of our kids and parents in the present. If you are in a time crunch, we suggest setting the alarm clock back thirty minutes. The earlier you can do it, the fewer distractions you will have to overcome later in the day.

The Benefits

We must push ourselves to pump our hearts and push ourselves to find the time for it because the benefits of doing this are priceless.

1. When we walk it lowers the systolic (the pressure being exerted when the heart contracts, the first or the top number) and diastolic ( the pressure in the arteries when the heart is at rest, the bottom or the lower number) blood pressure , which is the most important factor in arterial aging.

2. Walking regularly, daily, helps to lower your lousy cholesterol LDL and raises your healthy cholesterol HDL.

3. Walking decreases inflammation of the blood vessels.

4. Walking also strengthens blood vessels by forcing them to dilate and thereby making them more elastic. So regular exercise can make a male person of 55 years to become 8 years younger in Real Age and a woman 55 years to become 9.1 years younger.

5. Perhaps one of the most important reasons for walking is that it can prevent you from becoming over weight and obese. Today we are seeing that most overweight people are prone to high B.P., diabetes, lipid disorders like high LDL levels, sleep apnea or arthritis which in turn will inhibit the desire to exercise.

6. Lastly, walking helps you to reduce stress which is one of the greatest agers of your body.

Note: Extra weight that is carries around your waist places you at an even higher risk, because the fat cells in abdominal fat secret a hormone that directly increases inflammation in your blood vessels.

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