Doís & Doníts for Post Cancer Treatment

The occurrence of cancer is more and more common today. It is affecting people of all age groups, young and old alike. There is no choice but to accept it and treat it. The common procedure is to surgically remove the tumor and then to follow this up with radiation, chemotherapy, etc.

Following certain dietary principles can help you to feel more, comfortable, strong and aid your recovery

  1. Drink plenty of water and liquids to cool the body as it is heated through chemotherapy and radiation. Plain water 2 liters and buttermilk, lemon juice or tender coconut water, 1-2 liters.

  2. Eat sufficient protein to build tissue and keep your muscle tissue from wasting and breakdown. Dhals and pulses to be eaten for both lunch and dinner. Skimmed milk, 2-3 glasses or Ĺ liter as milk, curd, etc. Egg white- 2 per day is a good source of high quality protein. 1-2 pieces of chicken or fish may be eaten at lunchtime by non-vegetarians.

  3. Eat 2-3 fresh fruits daily to get a good supply of vitamins B & C. This keeps your immunity up and gives you good resistance to colds, coughs and flues. Eat a cup of salad with lunch and 2 cups with dinner. (Cucumber, tomato, carrot, onions, radish,etc). Raw vegetables and fruits must be washed thoroughly to protect against diahorrea.

  4. Cut down on total fat intake and consumption of fatty foods.

  5. Keep weight down to ideal as more fat in the body can allow you to develop the cancer again. Excess fat in the body serves as a medium in which the cancer cells can grow.

  6. Eat plenty of FIBER in the form of whole cereals- atta, ragi, oats, pulses- channa, rajma, moong , salads and fruits.

  7. Moderate but very regular exercise is a must. 20-30 minutes walk daily helps to give you a good blood circulation, builds your resistance to infection and helps to keep fat from accumulating in your body.

  8. If you are consuming alcohol, limit consumption of alcoholic beverages to a minimum 1-2 drinks, once or twice a week. It is best to avoid completely.

  9. Limit consumption of smoked foods, tandoori items, barbecued items and smoked hams and sausages. Avoid as far as possible.

  10. Stop smoking and chewing of tobacco and paan.

All this can be summed up in our MIRACLE FORMULA

Walk - 20-30 minutes 6-7 times/ week
Water - 2-3 liters.
Diet - Eat 3 regular balanced meals

Eat plenty of fiber
Restrict intake of fatty foods like -

  1. Cream of milk, butter, cheese, ghee, paneer.
  2. Nuts and coconut chutney
  3. All fried foods - mixture, muruku, chaat, chips, bonda, vada, poori, paratha, pickles and papad
  4. Cakes, pastries, cookies and puffs.
  5. Ice cream, chocolates, mittai and desserts.
  6. Red meats-mutton, beef and pork.
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