Young People and Couples Beware of Obesity which can lead to Hormone problems and Infertility

It has been know that obese women have a problem with conceiving or getting pregnant. It is also known that young girls who put on weight tend to develop hormone problems and have irregular periods.

Today we are observing that men who are overweight or obese also develop hormone problems and these hormone problems may cause damage to the sperms as well as the sperm count and this could lead to infertility. Besides this, if their wives do conceive, it may result in a miscarriage or even deformities in the baby. This shows that it is not only the responsibility of the woman to lose weight and be healthy but also young men must take care of their health and weight if they want a healthy baby.

Many young men and women believe in the concept of fat and fit. They go to a gym or aerobics class or play a game regularly but may be 90 or 100 kgs in weight and feel that they are active and fit. This is a misconception. The average Indian woman is 5 feet two or three inches tall and the ideal weight should be between 55-60kgs. The average Indian man is five feet, seven or eight inches and he should be about 65-75kg. Some men may be about 6feet tall and they feel that because they are tall they can be 90 -100kgs or more in weight and this is normal. Even a 6 footer should try to be 78-80 or at the most 85kgs to be healthy. Above 90kgs is definitely dangerous and a combination of weight, long work hours, decreased physical movement and rising stress levels can cause serious hormone imbalances and danger to the ovum and sperms.

One more factor involved is the age factor. In the past women would be below 25 and men between the age of 25-30 years when starting a family. Today both women and men are in their early 30s when planning a baby and this too is a disadvantage as the basal metabolism comes down with age and the chances of hormone problems like thyroid problems or diabetes start setting in. Most of the factors mentioned above are beyond our control. The only factor we can definitely do something about is to first try to prevent obesity or if it is already there then seriously work on reducing weight and exercising regularly before getting into starting a family.

However busy one may be, your health and the health of the generations to come is in your hands. So we must be committed to making time to exercise. 25-30 minutes walking is a basic requirement for all young and old. Besides this we need to be committed to eating 3 regular meals. Please do not skip breakfast and over eat at night. If you are in the habit of eating deep fried snacks daily or indulging in something sweet after meals regularly, it must be stopped till you lose weight. Eating out and drinking should not be more than once or twice a week. Alcohol binges are very popular among men and women today. This is very dangerous for your weight and research shows that this also damages the ovum and sperms as well. Last but not the least, 2 liters to 3 liters water intake daily is a must for all.

All above 25 year of age must have their blood pressure checked and a blood test for thyroid problem, diabetes and heart disease must be done once or twice a year.

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