Over Weight & Obese People should check for Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D Deficiency

In the last year or two the medical research around the world has revealed that many fat people are deficient in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels in their blood. Both these deficiencies can contribute to some serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, pernicious anaemia, chronic fatigue and poor cognitive function - difficulty in remembering things and focusing on work.

Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to complications in the blood which can make you anaemic (have a low haemoglobin count). This will make you feel very tired. Vitamin B12 is also important for the good functioning of our nerves. So if our nerves are weak again this will lead to a feeling of tiredness and fatigue. In such a condition all our movements will slow down and we will become less and less active which will result in us putting on a lot of weight.

Vitamin D deficiency leads to the poor absorption of calcium by the body. Low calcium levels in the blood makes the body produce a high level of a fatty acid enzyme called synthase which causes calories consumed to be converted to fat at an increased level.

Calcium is also very important for strong bones, muscles and ligaments. Calcium is required for muscle contractions and movements. So people deficient in Vitamin D and calcium will also feel a lot of fatigue and tiredness and will be less and less inclined to move about and exercise regularly. They will then put on weight easily.

We have also observed that there is a link between Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and thyroid problems. This could be the reason why many of those who suffer from thyroid problems or those who have a family history of thyroid problems have a tendency to be overweight or obese.

In America the recent research shows that not only adults but many teenagers too are deficient in Vitamin D. So if your teen is putting on a lot of weight we would advice you to consult your family physician or an endocrinologist and do the needful.

Milk is a good source of both Vitamin B12 as well as calcium. Besides this egg, meat and fish are good sources too. You also need sunlight for Vitamin D.

However if you are deficient in the above it is very important to take the supplements prescribed by the doctor to avoid other complications.

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