Not a bite, not a lick, not even a treat once a Week !

Obesity has become a world health problem today. The medical field, as well as individuals are spending lakhs and crores on research and personal efforts to solve this problem. The solution however does not lie in the lakhs and crores but right within our minds and human will.

The answer is simple logic and discipline or self control. The logic is that if we want to remove 1kg, 5 kgs, 10 kgs or 50 kgs of fat that is stored in our body, we must completely stop putting foods containing high amounts of fat (fatty food) into our mouth or body.


A- All fried food.

B- Butter, ghee, cream

C- Chocolates, cookies, cakes, ice-creams, desserts and Indian sweets.

D- All nuts, almonds, walnuts, pista, cashew, peanuts and coconut chutney.

E-Red meat, mutton, beef, pork and organ meat.

Be careful about these, even small quantities can make you fat. I call these foods red signal food, when we see them, our brain must say ďSTOPĒ donít touch it.

So weight reduction is not about finding a perfect diet that works for me, or weight loss centre or farm or dietician that has a magical formula which suits me, its about anybody and everybody, what ever age, nationality, body structure, etc., we may be, we must be willing to give up fatty foods to remove excess fat from our body.

Now the good side of this is that we donít have to give up these items for the rest of our life but we have to give it up, very strictly until we have reached the ideal weight for our height.

If we strictly avoid fatty foods for a month we should be able to lose 3 kgs in 30 days. Now comes the tough part, in this 30 days we must not touch the above items, not even a single bite or lick of it and not even a treat once a week. This is what people are unable to keep up. They keep thinking that as they are exercising for hours at the gym daily and following a diet the whole week, a small bite of their childís chocolate or a teaspoon full of their husbandís/wifeís dessert, or a small chip from their childís tiffin canít do much harm. Some feel that after a whole week of hard work once a week some indulgence while they are out with the family will not make a difference.

Please, please take note, the one bite, one lick or one treat may not make us gain weight but it will prevent us from losing weight. This frustration of working so hard and not seeing results will finally get to us and we will give up and may finally put on weight.

So the secret is, we have to very, very strictly avoid the above list of fatty food till we lose weight. After we have lost weight we may eat the fatty food again, one item once a week or a meal out once a week to maintain weight.

Besides the above rule-we all have to Walk regularly, 20-30 minutes daily, drink 2-3 litres of water per day and eat 3 carbohyderate and protein balanced meals with plenty of fiber everyday.

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