The Best Weight Reduction Diet - 3 Principles

What is the best weight reduction diet? The whole world is searching for this answer. Millions & billions of dollars and rupees is spent on research to find this answer.

After battling with a weight problem for the last 40 odd years, my answer to the world is that there is no such diet and there will never be. We just have to understand the basic logic behind removing fat from our body and then work with it.

We have excess fat stored in our body and we want to remove it. While we are trying to remove fat we must not put foods which have excess fat into our mouth or body. If we want to save some money and decide to put Rs.1000/- in the bank every month by the end of one year we should have Rs.12000/- saved. However if you have withdrawn and spent some money in between, then at the end of the year you will not get Rs.12000/-.

1. So the first and most important principle is that you completely give up eating all Fatty Foods. The good part is that we donít have to give up these goodies all through our lives but only till we lose the weight. Strictly Avoid fatty foods for 30 days to lose 3kgs fat. 90 days to lose 9kgs fat and 10 months to lose 30kgs fat. So itís a zero fatty food diet but a small amount of oil, 2-3 tsp per day can be consumed in cooking our meals.

Fatty Foods
All fried foods
All nuts
All sweets
All cakes, cookies, chocolates and ice-creams
All butter, ghee and cream

2. The second principle is that all 3 meals must be eaten daily and all the 3 meals must be carbohydrate plus protein balanced. We do not believe in soup diets, salad diets, high protein diets, no carbohydrate at night diet or any detoxification diets or meals. Every single meal we eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day is very important for our good health, fitness and strength. So eating balanced food every day while we avoid the fatty food, is very, very important. Here we see that it is not by starving, skipping meals and compensation that one loses weight. We have to eat healthy meals so that we are strong and fit and have mental energy and alertness to exercise our will power to say no to fatty foods.

3. The third principle is to eat or add plenty of fiber to the diet. When we eat foods with fiber our body has to work harder to digest it and therefore we will burn fat that is stored and also this will raise our metabolism. We will also feel more full and fresh as the foods with fiber are mainly fruits and raw vegetables which contain vitamins, minerals and fluids besides fiber. Whole cereals and pulses also provide fiber.

In our daily menu we need to include a fresh fruit at 11 am snack time as well as 6 pm snack time. We need to eat 1-2 cups of fresh salad with both lunch and dinner. Also when ever possible, try to eat whole pulses like channa rajma and moong as a substitute for dhals. Lastly try to eat whole wheat bread, oats, corn flakes, ragi roti or ragi dosas, broken wheat and atta rotis for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3 Principles

1. Strictly Avoid Fatty Foods.
2. All 3 meals must be Carbohydrate + Protein Balanced.
3. Eat plenty of Fiber

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