Eat Healthy and be Smart with your food this Christmas

There are a fortunate few who can eat all they want and anything they choose and be thin all year through. The rest of us seem to be fighting with fat and weight always and specially at festive times.

Here are some tips if you are already on a diet and donít want to mess it all up at this Christmas time.

1. Donít indulge on fatty food, even in small amounts, for all of the next 10 days. Be strict and treat yourself only on 24th or 25th and only on 31st or 1st.

2. Donít go on a soup or salad diet and starve yourself before Christmas or before New Years Eve. You will upset your whole body metabolism and stir up a whole lot of cravings before those days and finally end up losing all control and unnecessarily over eating at that time. Research has shown that this starvation or semi starvation for a few days before a special occasion or starvation on that one day, from morning to night, till you go out for dinner is very harmful to the body. The habit of binge eating or obsessive overeating is triggered mainly from this practice.

3. When you see tables full of delicious food donít plan to taste everything. Spend your calories wisely. Chose what you like the best and try to balance some carbohydrate with protein in your meal. E.g. donít eat only 5 pieces of turkey and ham. Instead, eat a couple of bread rolls with 2-3 pieces of turkey and some grilled veggies or salad. If you are not so fond of the turkey but prefer mutton or pork chops that is served, donít touch the turkey, just stick to the chops and balance the chops with some carbs.

4. Again juggle between main course food and cake and pudding. If you are a dessert or sweet tooth person do one serving of main course and indulge in1 or 2 servings of dessert. If you are not so fond of sweets have 2 servings of main course and just have a bite or spoon full of the dessert or a very small serving of cake, etc.

5. Never Binge or overeat, there is always another party, always another Christmas and New Year! Moderation is the secret. Try to taste and enjoy the food. You will feel calm, in control and very happy with yourself at the end of the day. Overeating, specially on such rich food only makes you feel sick.

The same rule applies for drinking. The ideal is 2 glasses of wine, 2 large drinks on 2 glasses of beer. More than that spoils the fun and neither you or the people around will enjoy the party. Merry Christmas and A Happy, Blessed New Year.

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