Avoid Diet Sodas and Artificial Sweeteners

People trying to count calories and lose weight may think that choosing a diet cola or using artificial sweeteners in their coffee and tea is the best option. However a recent research study in U.K conducted on about 500 men and women for a 10 year period showed that those who consumed about two diet fizzy drinks a day saw their weight increase five times faster than those who never touched these drinks.

Those who consume diet drinks and artificial sweeteners regularly may gradually develop a stronger craving for sugar or sweets. What is commonly referred to as a sweet tooth. It can also lead to a distorted appetite (confused appetite signals) and even damage key brain cells. So treating them as a healthy alternative may be the wrong thing to do. They may come free of calories but not free of consequences.

People who are on a weight reduction diet must understand that we do not need to use artificial sweeteners and completely eliminate sugar from the diet to lose weight. Yes, one must eliminate foods loaded with oil, butter, ghee, etc., while trying to remove excess kilo grams of stored fat. E.g. Deep fried foods, pastries, puffs, mittais and red meats. We also need to eliminate foods which contain more than one or two teaspoons of sugar in one serving. E.g. Chocolates, candies, ice creams, deserts and Indian sweets.

What is safe to consume is the teaspoon of sugar in our milk, coffee, tea or lime juice. It is safe because it is consumed as one or two teaspoons at on time and this the body will easily burn.

If you must have a sweet fizzy drink try to choose a fresh lime soda with one or two teaspoons of sugar. Similarly a glass of flavored milk like a strawberry or chocolate milk with one or two teaspoon of sugar is better than eating a bar of chocolate or an ice cream which may have four to five teaspoons of sugar in one serving.

So dieting and controlling weight or losing weight is about wise choices rather than simply switching to the use of artificial sweeteners or diet sodas. On a weight reduction diet we are permitted to have two to three teaspoons of sugar per day.

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