Do & Doníts in the Fat Fight

I am trying to lose weight should I avoid sugar completely and use only sweetners?
If you are a diabetic you will have to avoid sugar completely. But normal fat people do not have to give up sugar in tea, coffee, etc. While on a strict weight reduction diet 3-4 teaspoons sugar distributed in 2-3 cups of milk, lassi, coffee and tea is permitted/day. However if 3-4 teaspoon sugar are consumed altogether at one time in the day a part of it could be converted to fat.

If normal, (normal blood sugar) please do not switch to using sweeteners as they are artificial and not safe to consume on a long-term basis. Also you may go into sugar craving and end up eating chocolates or popping mints or toffees into your mouth. Any toffee is 3-4 teaspoons of sugar concentrated together. So donít kid yourself that they are harmless and carry these around in your handbag. They are high calorie and addictive.

While reducing weight is it safe to drink the packet fruit juices that say no sugar added?

Please understand that though the regular sugar sucrose is not added to these juices, these have fruit sugar fructose and glucose which are naturally present in all fruits. On an average 200ml of these juices have 90-100 cals. Which is equal to about 5 teaspoons sugar, in them naturally. I would advice you to avoid drinking these while on a strict diet and on a daily basis. Instead eat a fruit like an apple, pear or orange which is only about 50-60 cals. and also contains plenty of fiber which helps in weight reduction. How ever if you are at a movie we would advice you to choose to drink a packet of juice rather than munch a bag of popcorn. When socializing choose a fresh lime juice, sweet/salt, with soda or water to be on the safe side.

Is it ok to consume rice while dieting or is it to be forbidden?

1 cup cooked rice is equal to 180 cals and 3 small phulkas (dry chapatti) are also equal to 180 cals. But the phulka is a better choice than the rice because the phulka contains fiber, which will make the body work harder to digest it. Some calories from the fat stored in the body will be burnt to digest the fiber. However we allow you to eat rice at lunch but strictly avoid rice at night as your metabolism is lower at night and the fiber in the phulka will help to raise the metabolism and burn fat.

It is wiser to alternate rice items with whole cereals like ragi dosa, whole wheat bread, cornflakes, oats porridge and stuffed rotis for breakfast. At lunch use rice and phulka together or restrict rice lunches to 2 times a week and eat phulkas on other days.

Can we eat potatoes on a weight reduction diet?

Most vegetables when cooked are 25-45 cals per 100 gms. Whereas 100 gm potatoes boiled is 90 cals. Potatoes may be eaten 2 times a week, at lunch, as a vegetable dish, where it is mixed with another vegetable like methi leaves, cauliflower, peas, carrots, etc. Diabetic patients are to avoid potato as far as possible. 10nos of wafer chips is 110 calories and 10 numbers of finger chips are 200 cals. Please avoid strictly.

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