Wage your war against Diabetes with the best Weapon - WALK

Whether you are 5 year old or 75 years of age, whether you are thin or fat, whether you have type 1 or type 11 diabetes, there is no battle with out Walking. You have to walk to win against diabetes.

  1. Walking helps lower blood sugar levels.
  2. Walking helps to make the work of insulin in the body more efficient.
  3. Walking helps the underweight diabetic to eat better and still control the sugar level and also gain weight.
  4. Walking helps the obese diabetic to lose weight.
  5. Walking helps the body to produce hormones which will relieve stress and make you feel cheerful, relaxed and positive.

There is no life for a diabetic without walking. If the child is 5 years and above, parents must try to supervise the walking and walk with the child starting from 5-10 minutes continuously and build it up to 20 minutes gradually. Only make sure you make it a pleasant and happy time so the child looks forward to this walking time. By age 10, a 20 minutes walk is a must. There after it can be increased to 25-30 minutes per day.

The ideal time to walk is in the morning before breakfast. However diabetics should not go for a walk on an empty stomach. Try to drink half to one cup skimmed milk or half an apple, before setting out to avoid sugar levels going down (hypoglycemia).

Women, who are unable to walk early morning because they are busy with household work, must try to walk in the mid morning between 10-12 noon. Children who have to go to school or college in the morning may exercise in the evening between tea and dinner time. One important message is that we need to walk all 7 days of the week as we eat food all 7 days of the week and we need to control the blood sugar levels on all 7 days. There is no holiday for walking. Just as we breath, eat and sleep we need to walk too.

Just as you brush your teeth daily and even do so on a holiday trip, just as you carry your tooth brush and tooth paste when you travel, you need to carry your socks and shoes where ever you go and make sure you walk for 20-30 minutes even on a holiday.

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