Consistency and Combination

These are the two secrets of successful weight reduction and permanent weight control.

Walk - 25-30 minutes daily
Water- 2.5-3 liters daily
Diet - Eat 3 carbohydrate protein balanced meals daily.
   - Eat high fiber foods like whole wheat roti / bread, cornflakes, oats, fruits and salad.
  - Completely avoid fatty foods like All fried, All sweets, All nuts, cookies, cakes,      icecream, red meat, ghee, butter, cream, paneer and cheese.

The way to get started is to get out a calendar or planner and make sure you mark on your calendar whether you have walked or not and drunk the water or not daily. It should be 30 walks for 30 days and the same goes for the water. Keep up this for 3months at least and you will start seeing and feeling the difference.

The next thing is to make sure that as you focus 100 percent on your walk and water, you donít cheat or be casual about the food. Start keeping a food diary besides your calendar with the walk and water record. The food dairy should specially record whether you have eaten all 3 meals and whether every meal has a combination of carbohydrate food i.e. bread, cereal, roti, rice, etc. plus protein foods i.e. skimmed milk/curd, egg whites, dhals and pulses, chicken or fish.

This carbohydrate protein combination gives you the required nutrients, keeps your metabolism high and keeps you full so you donít get into cravings. Choose more fiber by eating whole wheat bread instead of white bread and cornflakes or oats instead of upma or poha/avalakki and ragi roti or ragi dosa instead of rice items.

Daily you must have a fresh fruit (not juice) at 11am and 6pm (,orange,musambi,guava) Fresh salads (without olive oil or mayonnaise) must be eaten with lunch and dinner. They may be dressed with lime juice, vinegar, salt, pepper and other spices or herbs. These will give you fiber which raises your metabolism and also lots of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

The problem with man is that he is very capable of doing one or two things with great devotion and commitment. So some people do walk and water regularly but fail to follow a diet strictly along with the walk and water. Others do the diet to 100% devotion and fail to do the walk and water regularly. Now for success the only way is to do all the 3 together and to stay focused. Get out your calendar and diet diary to help you. (After you have reached your goal weight you may indulge in any one fatty food item or one meal out, once a week, to maintain your weight).

Follow this strictly for 90days and you will see a new you. I have fought a weight battle from age 10. Now I am 47 and I have been consistent and combined Walk Water Diet for the last 12 years and become a new person since July 5th 1998. Truly this is a Miracle Formula which I have discovered with much prayer and wish that all my readers will try it and be successful. God Bless You.

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