Skimmed milk is the best option

Most milk packets contain fat. Suppliers of milk in packets now provide various options. Whole milk or full cream milk usually contains 6% fat. Toned milk contains 3% fat and double toned milk contains 1.5% fat. Some companies supply skimmed milk, which contains less than 1% fat. Only those wanting to put on weight may use whole milk with the full fat content. This however can be dangerous as the milk cream contains high quantities of cholesterol which is harmful to the heart. Normally it is advisable to use the 3% fat milk but after removing as much fat as possible by the following method called ‘skimming’. Heat milk on fire and bring to boil, do not switch off the fire but lower the flame and allow milk to simmer on slow fire for 10 minutes. Cool, refrigerate and remove the cream after 5-6 hours. Use yesterday’s milk for this morning’s coffee. All those on a weight reduction diet and those who have cholesterol, triglyceride or diabetic problems must use milk that has been skimmed as mentioned above.

However during weight reduction and till cholesterol and sugar levels are brought down, the ideal thing would be to use skimmed milk powder like Sagar or Anik spray or commercially available skimmed milk in packets or tetra pack, marked as containing 0.5%fat. To use skimmed milk powder mix 2 heaped or full tablespoons of powder in 1 glass (200 ml) of warm water. Curd made from this is very enjoyable and so is buttermilk or lassi and it is safe for consumption whenever hungry. While on a diet 2-3 glasses of this milk is permitted for most people. It is advisable to make curds and buttermilk also from this skimmed milk or use double toned milk to set the curd.

One of the biggest causes of osteoporosis is a poor calcium intake or poor milk intake in the 1st 30 years of a human life. These are the years of bone density building and we have to make the bone as dense as we can so that when the later years of bone breakdown come it won’t be so bad.

Many young people starting from teenagers have given up milk saying it is fattening and some say it is meant only for babies and small children. This could be one of the leading causes of osteoporosis and the rising dental problem as well as spine and neck problems.

I believe that everybody from birth to death requires at least 2-3 glass of milk/curd daily after the cream has been removed thoroughly or skimmed. The cream is fattening not the milk.

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