The Place for Fatty Foods in our Lives

As the whole world struggles with diet after diet, dreaming that one day soon some method will arrive which will magically suit them and help them to lose weight easily and quickly, let us break your bubble of hope with the news that there is only one single rule that is right and that you have to completely stop eating fatty food if you want to remove kilograms of fat from your body.

Every thing that tastes good is fatty food. Thatís the simple but hard truth but hereís the way to manage it in your head. When you want to reduce weight, whether it is 2-3kgs, 5kgs or 10kgs, you have to completely stop eating fatty food.

Why do we have to be so severe? Why cant we eat a little bit of sweets and fried etc. and still lose weight? What we have observed is that if you exercise regularly, eat balanced meals and drink plenty of water daily for a week but also eat a little fatty food 2-3 times along with the above you may not gain weight that week but you will not also lose weight. This leads to frustration and you quit all your resolves in a short time.

It is like treating a fracture, you have to completely immobilize the bone ( hand or leg) for 6-8 weeks for it to heal and be usable. Similarly you have to immobilize fatty food from coming into your mouth and body for 30 days to lose 2-3kgs of fat. You have to keep your mouth plastered in front of fatty food for 3 months to lose 8-10 kgs.

Just as you will go to the doc to remove the cast one fine day, similarly when you reach your target weight this restriction is off. However the big issue is what happens there after. You may eat all those goodies again but we have a management technique here that you have to follow. The secret is to eat the goodies only once or twice in a week e.g. If you eat a big icecream of 2 scoops, nuts and sauce on Monday then you must eat no other fatty food for 48 hours to 72 hours. Icecream on Monday and then you may eat a biriyani on Friday. Again on Saturday if somebody gives you a chocolate, you have to say no or become fat. However you can keep your chocolate from Saturday and eat it on the following Monday. Then on the following Friday its Chinese food, next Monday a pastry and next Friday a pizza and so on. Only two treats a week with a gap of 2-3 days between each treat, You can then manage and maintain your weight comfortably there after.

We do this with our money daily. We have to spend money daily but we donít buy expensive articles daily. If we do we will end up with a financial problem. Similarly if we want to eat expensive fatty food daily we will end up with a weight and health problem. Adults have to change and so do children. Today everybody feels it is his or her right in life to eat rich fatty food daily. Nobody should restrict anybody!!! The price to pay for this is too high. There in no way anybody, even thin people can eat rich, fatty food everyday and get away with it without a health problem. Rich, fatty food is to be considered a luxury and luxuries are to be enjoyed occasionally, not daily.

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