What is in a Banana

Banana is a fruit and a food that contains almost, no fat at all. It however has a sugar content which is much higher than that found in most other fruits. Therefore it is often considered as fattening. One average size banana 100gms, without skin will give us 120cals, 0.4 gm fiber some carotene (VitA,) VitB and Vit C. It is also a good source of potassium. One small yellow banana gives us 50 cals, 0.2gm fiber.

An apple on the other hand 100gm would give us 60 cals and 1.0gm fiber. An orange 100gms would give 40cals, 0.4gm fiber and a lot of Vit C. I would say that anybody on a very strict weight reduction diet would be wise to choose an apple or orange, when reaching for a fruit rather than a banana. How ever if you were to choose between eating a pastry or chocolate and a banana I would say eat the banana as it has no fat in its composition while the pastry or chocolate will give you sugar as well as fat and that will make you put on weight.

A person who is maintaining his \ her weight is free to eat a banana a day but try to have a variety of fruits rather than only bananas. Fruits are the best snacks or desserts one can choose as they give one sugar to raise your energy levels without additional fat. Also they are a source of fiber, fluid, vitamins and minerals in ready to eat, concentrated packs. All fruits contain fructose, fruit sugar and glucose. Both these are monosaccharide and this is the easiest to digest giving energy in 20-30 minutes of consumption. When you feel like a snack between meals or a sweet after meals choose a fruit instead of chocolates, chicky or toffees.

Diabetic patients are advised not to eat banana because of its high sugar content and also because it has a high glycemic effect. That is, it raises the sugar levels very fast. However if the diabetic is in a state of low sugar and feeling weak or giddy a fruit or even a banana is a better choice for raising up their sugar level than a teaspoon of sugar or a toffee.

Ripe bananas are very easy to digest and rarely cause allergic reactions therefore they are one of the fruits that are first to be introduced into the baby’s diet. Mashed banana may be given to a baby after3 months of age. Please note however that the banana must be given as a snack between meals and not as a substitute to a meal. Banana is also a good food to be given to children when they are having diarrhea as it gives a good amount of sugar (energy) along with vitamins and minerals that will make them feel energized and take away their tiredness.Since banana is a bland tasting food it is also seen to be a very soothing food for those who are suffering from mouth and stomach ulcers.

Banana is a good source of potassium which is a vital mineral for muscle and nerve function. Potassium also helps to regulate blood pleasure. The sugar released from bananas are seen to be very helpful for athletes, tennis players and cricketers and it is good for them to eat bananas before an event or even during a competition.

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