Battling Obesity with a thyroid problem

Many people with obesity also suffer from a gland problem and hormone imbalances. The common problems are diabetes, imbalance of reproductive hormones and thyroid gland problems. The first point is to know whether anybody in your family suffers with the above problems e.g. parents, grand parents, aunties, uncles, and cousins. Sometimes at a certain age when you do the blood tests they may come normal or border line and you may feel you have escaped and don’t have the problem but it may already be in your genetic make up and will surface only at a much later age.

The biggest problem you will face is to find that you don’t eat as much as many others eat and yet you gain weight very easily. Also very serious efforts to lose weight may yield very minor results.

  1. The first point is to accept that you have a harder battle to fight than others. Think of school and how you see some children quite simply topping the class while most others have to work very hard, take tuition, etc., to be average or even just pass.

  2. If you have been exercising regularly and seeing no results, instead of just going on increasing the duration from 30minutes to 1-2 hours, try to work out twice a day 30-45 minutes in the morning and again 30minutes in the evening or 45 minutes walk in the morning plus a 25 minutes in the evening.

  3. The next thing is to set smaller targets and be prepared for a longer duration to achieve it. Normally we see that you can comfortably lose 3kgs in one month. Those with a background of hormone or gland problem may only lose 2kgs in a month. With many thyroid patients we observe that for the first 1-2 months they may lose 2-3 kgs per month and there after only 1kg per month in spite of being strict with the diet and regular exercise.

  4. The secret is to not give up but to decide that as long as it takes, we are going to stick with it till we lose at least a total of 5 or 10kgs. Removing 5 or 10kgs of weight will definitely reduce the load and strain on your legs, knees, other joints and organs.

  5. Last but not the least remember weight loss happens not only by exercise but by combining daily walk with 2-3 liters of water intake and by saying a very strict no to all fatty foods, all fried food and all sweets. The miracle formula is walk, water and diet.

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