Walk and Water must go on Forever

Many people believe that you must exercise to lose weight. Many people look at slim    or thin people exercising and ask them why they need to exercise. Walking regularly and drinking sufficient water are a basic necessity for all human beings to keep their bodies in good health, glands and organs active and to be fit.

In the past this happened naturally as we had to walk to the shops or market and to visit friends or neighbors. Then having walked for 20-30 minutes to any place you would feel thirsty and drink more water. So our parents never had to train us to go for walk or drink water.

They did however train us to brush our teeth and bathe daily as this is a basic necessity for good health and living. Today we have to similarly train children to set aside time to exercise regularly and measure and drink their water. Today children from age 5 or 6, class one upwards, spend their evening at tuitions or in front of a T.V or computer instead of playing on the streets. Also as there are so many ready, soft drinks or packet juices available and air conditioned facilities most children don’t want to drink water.

We have to therefore consciously train ourselves and encourage our children to walk, jog, play games and drink water. Both these are highest in priority for keeping good health as they help to keep a high metabolic rate. When you exercise regularly for 2-3 months the metabolic rate rises. If you miss a day or two of exercise there after, it does not matter, but if you miss 5-7 days continuously then the metabolism goes down and it will take another 2-3 months of exercise to raise it. So our advice is that walking 25-30 minutes must become a way of life for all. This can be done anywhere and can be done even when you go out of town, even when you holiday and even when you have examination or a heavy work schedules. All of us make time for a bath daily in all circumstances. Similarly a walk can be fit it our schedule too. The good part is, 25-30minutes can be done any time of the day, only you need your socks and shoes like you carry your tooth brush and paste where ever you go.

What does water do? If raise the metabolism too. When you don’t water a plant, it droops. When you don’t drink enough water your body droops. Your muscles work slowly and your metabolism automatically slows down. You also burn less calories. When you drink 21/2 to 3 liters water (plain water) daily your body is fresh, hydrated and alert, you move briskly and quickly and your metabolism and calorie burn goes up.

The most important thing is to understand that both these things have to be done year round and life long. Following a diet or certain restrictions in food is usually done for a short period of time but motivating oneself to exercise, drink water and stay fit and fresh must be forever.

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