Myths on reducing Fat percent for Players


Most players are aware that it is not enough to just be ideal weight for height. One factor that is affecting performance tremendously is your body composition. This is about lean body mass or muscle mass as compared to fat mass in the body. 30% of the body is made up of bone and fluid and the remaining 70% is divided into fat and muscle. The ideal is for a player to have a fat mass below 15% and a muscle mass of 55% or more. Therefore if your fat % is 10 then the muscle mass becomes 60%.

The muscle mass is the petrol tank of your body as the glucose is converted to glycogen and stored in the muscles for immediate supply and use as you play. The bigger the muscle mass the greater your petrol or energy storing capacity and your performing power.

Players try various methods to reduce fat which unknowingly can harm and breakdown muscle mass.

1) Go out for morning training or exercise session on empty stomach.
This harms the liver which is the organ used to prepare glycogen for storing glucose in the muscle.
We recommended that a glass of milk and a banana be eaten on rising to protect the liver and store glucose in muscles for morning exercise need.

2) Many skip breakfast and go straight for lunch. This is very harmful in that a few grams of fat may be pulled out of your fat store but the worst damage is that for every meal that you miss muscle tissue is broken down and supplied to meet the protein need of the body for that day. In a day most players require 80-90 or more grams protein. This has to be distributed as 25-30 gms at each of 3 meals. For every meal that you miss that amount of protein will be broken and removed from your muscle mass.Even if you wake up late on an off day you must ensure eating breakfast of atleast flakes and milk or bread and milk.

The same happens when any meal is not properly balanced with both carbohydrate and protein foods eg only fruit or only salad, only a glass of milk, only roti, sabji are not balanced meals. Carbohydrates – bread, rice, roti, pasta etc must be combined with proteins like milk/ yogurt, dhal/pulse, egg white, chicken or fish in every meal.

3) Unhealthy food distribution.

Eating less in the earlier part of the day and more towards the evening results in the extra food in the end of the day getting converted to fat at night as the food burning capacity is low after 6 pm. You must balance your food as 40% in the morning, 40% at lunch and tea and only 20% at night as you go to bed there after. Fat stored like this increases your fat mass and proportionately your muscle mass will come down.

The correct method to reduce fat mass and build muscle mass is as follows.

1) Avoid or cut out fatty foods from your diet.
A - All Fried snacks – chips, etc
All Nuts, Coconut chutney and Soya
B - Butter, Ghee and Bakery items.
C- Cream of milk, Chocolates, Ice cream, Dessert and Sweets.
D - Drinks – Colas and Alcohol
E - Eat only Fish and Chicken – avoid mutton, beef, and pork.
Eat Non-veg at Lunch - avoid at dinner
Eat Pieces – avoid gravy and soup

2) Healthy Eating
a) Never Skip a meal
b) Every meal must be Balanced with carbohydrate and protein foods.
c) Eat plenty of Fiber in salads, fruits and whole wheat foods.
3) Walk and water
Walking 6-7 days a week for 20-30 minutes builds muscles over 90% of your body simultaneously.
Water 4lts/day, helps to keep your concentration high and your muscles moving fast and smoothly.

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