Lose Weight with Walking


There are no short cuts to getting you body into shape. The eating part requires a total commitment to strictly avoiding fatty foods – cream of milk, butter, ghee, cheese, paneer, mayonnaise, pickle, coconut chutney, all nuts, soya, all fried snacks, chocolates, icecream, all desserts, pastries, puffs, red meat etc.

Then eat balanced healthy meals regularly, daily, and avoid fatty foods for 3 months and you can be 10kgs down on the scales. Today a lot of fad diets are available, lots of weight loss centers and clinics and lots of machines which promise magical loss without effort. Please note if you lose weight without regular cardiovascular exercise it is again very harmful to your body composition.

A regular walk of 20 -30 minutes 7 days of the week simply must happen. When the body loses weight there is a great tendency to lose muscle mass. So not only does fat below the skin get broken but also muscle tissue and skin starts wrinkling and sagging. This gives an aged look to the face and loss of tone to the whole body. We all want to look young and fit with a firm, over all appearance. Once this is damaged it is permanent and never can be rectified.

When you go on an unbalanced diet with no exercises for 2-3 weeks and lose 10kgs you may feel great but there will be 100% hair loss and muscle loss. The hair loss can be rectified but the muscle loss and damage to skin tone is permanent. 10kgs fat loss should be achieved over a 3 month period ideally. If you lose 10kgs in 3 weeks then surely it will be about 3-4kgs fat, 2-3 kgs muscle and 2-3kgs of water lost. Most often quickly lost weight is regained but when you regain, you gain 10kgs of only fat. In the bargain you also destroyed 2-3kg of precious muscle tissue. This is the most harmful thing you can do to your body composition. You have increased the fat percent in your body.

We all know we must exercise for a healthy weight loss but we are confused as to what kind of exercise we must choose Gym, aerobics, swimming, running, walking. My choice is walking 7 days a week!!! The best news I have for the world is it works with just 20-30 minutes daily, but the secret is the regularity. Just think we eat 7 days a week so we must walk 7 days a week. Don’t we need to tone up in a gym? I have no objections to a gym workout but let me tell you if you can’t keep it up long term it is useless. Same goes for aerobics, the regularity is the key. Walking can be done by any one and everyone, age 5-75, and anytime, any where. Here’s some more good news, when you walk you exercise 90% of all the 500 odd muscles in your body at one go. So the whole body is being exercised and muscles all over are toned together, continuously for 20-30 minutes. It is also a cardio exercise so your heart is pumping and getting into fighting fit shape. Those who are presently going to a gym please ensure you include a treadmill or cross trainer for 20-30 minutes daily.

6 years ago I lost 25 kgs with only walking as my exercises and I have kept the weight off for the last 5 years only with walking 20-30 minutes daily. Last but not the least water is a must 2-3 liters daily helps to keep you fresh and active and helps to keep all the toxic wastes flushed out so measure your water and drink it through out the day. The Miracle formula is Walk, Water and Diet together.

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