Sorry they are not the answer!!
  Pills, powders, machines….


Let me save you the money, time, effort and the cost of your good health by telling you that all these may give you results but not a single one is the correct answer or solution for your problem of weight reduction. I have personally tried all of them, lost and gained weight over and over again.

Today I can assure you that there is no short cut but there is an answer- Walk, Water, Diet. If anybody or any clinic promises you results without this I would say runaway from them. If they say yes, walk, water, diet and eat our pills or use our machines to give you faster and better results, turn them down. With only walk, water and diet, 5 years ago I lost 25kgs and have kept it off. What’s more, with God’ s grace, I keep very good health, I run a home, work 6’ days a week and raise 3 children and feel healthy, fit and beautiful.

In my work as a diet counselor for the last 5 years I have met women who have cried to me,“ I was 50kgs when I got married. When I reached 62kgs my husband forced me to take diet pills to reduce. Today I weigh 80kgs”. Another said – “before my wedding I wanted to lose weight and took a powder and lost from 65 –60kgs”. Today I am 90kgs.

Diet pills and powders can be very, very dangerous and harmful to the body. They could contain appetite suppressors which when discontinued can cause you to overeat and have a huge weight rebound. Some pills and powders contain diuretics or laxatives. These make you pass either a lot of urine or frequent motion which will give you a sudden weight loss but are very dangerous for your kidneys or digestive system.

Those recommending them will always say, “its all safe, so and so used it and has done well, etc.” Don’t be fooled!! Be very, very careful and avoid them like the plague. Machines in many centers today are used to heat up the body and raise the body temperature. It is like having a fever and when you have a raised temperature your metabolic rate goes up and you burn more calories which may speed up your weight loss. I find this to be a very unnatural thing to do and today it may seem harmless but who can guaranty that there could be no harmful side effects in the future.

We have found that the same effect of having a raised metabolism can be achieved by regular walking for 30minutes daily. (6-7 days a week) plus eating three regular meals with plenty of fiber in the form of whole wheat bread, atta rotis, and salad and fruits daily. Finally I want to break a very strong Fat myth- spot reduction I have discussed this with a professor from Sweden who was an authority in Obesity. I was born with family history of obesity from both parents. I have been over weight since age 9 and till I met the professor I wondered if I am destined to be fat. Here’s the good news ‘no’. I am living proof that anybody, no matter what the genetic back ground can lose weight.

He however told me that one thing cannot be changed the location of fat in your body is genetically determined. If you have a tendency to put on weight in one area you have to live with it. When you lose weight you lose uniformly from your entire body. More will go from where you have more. No machine or exercise can break or mobilize fat from one spot. You can only exercise that spot and tone and firm the muscles in that area but you cannot make fat move only from that spot. When you walk you exercise 90% of all the muscles in your body, from head to toe. So this is one of the best ways to burn calories and tone muscles. Don’t waste time and money on machines. You may walk outside in the open or even on a treadmill, but please walk.

Miracle Fitness Formula
Walk – 20-30 minutes daily
Water – 2-3 liters daily
Diet - Control Fatty Food intake
         Eat regular balanced meals
         Eat plenty of fiber.

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