Reducing Uric Acid Levels

High levels of uric acid results in urate crystals forming in the blood and getting deposited in the joints like wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle etc., which can ruin your game with shooting pain.

  1. If overweight reduce weight to ideal by balanced diet and avoiding fatty food. (If you skip meals uric acid goes up).
  2. Regularly drink 1-2 liters more water than you are drinking now (3-4 liters or more is ideal).
  3. Comletely avoid red meat mutton, beaf, pork.

  4. Organ meat liver, brain etc. , Non-veg soups and gravy of non-veg dishes.
    Sea food all small fish sardine, mackerel, etc. and all shell fish.
    Cicken or seer fish may be eaten at lunch try to avoid at night.
    Avoid palak, greens, green chutney, French beans, green peas, moong sprouts.
  5. Avoid chickoo and custard apple.
  6. Alcohol is best avoided till levels to come normal. There after if drinking, try to avoid beer and red wine. White wine 100 ml or whisky 30+30 ml may be consumed. Moderation is very important.


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