Walking - a must for Diabetics


I am 57 years of age. My fasting sugar is 200mg/dl. I am controlling my diet strictly but unable to go for a walk regularly. I still do all the household work and I am active but the sugar is not coming down. My doctor insists that I walk daily. I find this very difficult. Is there any alternative? Is walking so important, why?

I believe that no matter what medication or superior types of insulin are evolved, or methods of injecting are made, combinations of drugs found etc. there is no treatment for diabetes without a daily regular walking habit. One has just got to believe this understand it and accept it.

When we eat food all the food is digested and converted to glucose, which is sent into the blood stream. At each meal the body requires and utilizes a certain amount of glucose for the bodies needs, e.g. 350 cals. If you have eaten 400, then 50 cals. extra has come in and this has to be removed or it records as blood sugar. Insulin is called to work and removes this sugar and sends it as fat to be stored in the fat cells.

In a diabetic patient the insulin function is disturbed and this removal of glucose and fat deposition in the fat cells is not happening normally. When one walks, firstly it improves the functioning of the insulin present in the body. Walking stimulates and improves the function of all glands and hormones in the body and this cannot be done by anything as effectively as when we walk.

Secondly for fat to enter into the fat cells a particular mechanism which is like opening the gates of the fat cell for the fat to enter into it has to be set into action and this cannot be done with any medication or food or even a machine but only by regular aerobic movement like walking for a minimum of 20-30 minutes.

If you walk the gates are open, immediately insulin is messaged to work more efficiently and glucose is removed from the blood and sugar levels will come down. However the walking has to be all the 7 days just like you are eating all the 7 days and taking your medication all the 7 days.

If you are already used to walking for 1 hour please continue that but if you find it difficult to be regular, then cut it to 45 minutes but please do it daily. If you are not walking at all now, then please start immediately with 20 minutes daily and slowly work up to 30 minutes and be very, very regular with that.

If you are already doing a walk daily and for some reason the sugar levels are suddenly rising please consult your doctor about your medication. Besides this you may try a morning and evening walk. 45 minutes morning 7 days a week and 20-30 minutes evening 5 times a week. Or 20 morning plus 20 evening or 30plus30 minutes. (Cycling is not enough for a diabetic. It has to be walking)

We are recommending moderate exercise but it must be very, very regular, Atleast20- 30 minutes walk once everyday is a must for every diabetic! (If it rains, walk in your hall or basement or balcony, but you must walk!!!

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